June 10, 2013

Verbal Sunshine


It's really nice when someone pays you a compliment.  They always catch me off guard because I am not one to think too highly of myself. Also, compliments shows how someone on the outside sees you and reveals aspects about you that you may have not noticed before. 

This weekend, I received 2 compliments in different forms: 

A girl from my church said, 
"You are a really good person to look up to.
'Wow!', I thought. 
Never would I have believed I was admirable, especially to younger girls. My heart melted at that statement, and I am completely humbled. 

Then, last night a friend I've known for many years said,
"I can tell your marriage is good. You have an exuberance about you, Jhanzelle..."
Again I thought, 'Wow!' Not because our marriage isn't good, because it really is, but because people on the outside are able to see it. Anyone who's married knows that it's not always easy, especially early on, but beau and I give it our all and the beautiful days far outweigh all the difficult days. I am glad that the joy my marriage brings me visibly lights me up. Lord knows I didn't shine as brightly before. 

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