June 12, 2013

Going Gray

going gray 2 

I noticed my first strand of grey hair when I was 19 years old. I didn't think much of it other than it must be one super amazing strand of hair to overcome the crazy golden blond color treatment I tried on my hair freshman year. (In all honesty though, I was aiming for honey brown highlights and my roommate and I allowed it to process too long. Anyhoo, I digress.) 

I have gained several more silver strands since then and they do not bother me as much as they seem to bother friends and family members who happen to spot them. I'm only 25 years old now, so maybe when I'm a little older and feel like I'm facing a midlife crisis, I will be bit more 'against' having gray hairs.

I secretly believe that a new strand comes with  every hurdle that I've overcome in life. Sounds silly, but I believe it. Besides, as much as they grow in or convert (or however gray strands end up in your hair), I've also had some naturally shed during the normal shedding process. 

Beau has a multitude of grays in his hair as well and they don't bother him either. They are speckled about and are only truly visible once his hair starts growing back after a really short cut. He says he's had them since he was "12 yo" and to that I just roll my eyes and say, "okay, love". haha. 

Do you have gray hairs? Do they bother you? 

  going gray 1

**P.S. I've had this unfinished post in my draft for months now and only remembered about it once LaNeshe posted on a similar subject**

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