June 13, 2013

Things My Husband Says


Beau says some really funny things sometimes without even trying. He's pretty quick-witted when it comes to making responses. That may be attributed to the days when he was an MC, but I didn't quite know him then, so that might be an unfair assumption. Either way, he cracks me up. Here are a couple examples:

// when I asked him how my skirt looks //

Him: It looks good, but what's that white thing in the back?
Me: Oh... that's tulle.
Him: Well, you better put that back in the shed. 

// during a Bible Study on End Time Prophecies and The Last Days, the teacher mentioned a he goat (as written about in Daniel 8) //

Me (whispering): What in the world is a he goat ?
Him (whispering back): Dinner! 

Oh Beau, you always know how to make me smile. 

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