January 29, 2012


I am 24 years old today. There is not much to say about my birthday except that I am grateful to have made it through another year of life.

24 seems like such an awkward age. I don't even feel like I'm 24 yrs old. ( Like, am I supposed to feel like a 24 year old?) Well, I don't. The older I get, the more awkward that age feels. I thought 17 was an awkward age; even 22. But 24... it's the strangest age of them all.

January 24, 2012


I sit in my room thinking about all that I have to do within the next 4 or so months; and all that I would like to accomplish. 
Then suddenly, my mind stopped operating at a thousand thoughts per second (as it usually does). 
And with that brief pause, the word "Content" came to mind.
That's what I am.


Content with who I am. Who I have become as a person. Where I've gotten in life, and where I am going. I. Am. Content.

January 22, 2012

Opionated Much?

It's amazing how opinionated we are as a nation... Everyone has a say about this or that person's life. How long they've been married. Why they got married in the first place. How deserving a person is of illness and death.

The media has made people's personal information easily accessible to just about everyone. I guess we believe this is our entitlement to judge, complain, bash, and ridicule others. Society forgets that we are only getting pieces of information. They fail to realize that there are still holes and empty spaces in that 200 piece puzzle, which yields an obscure image. Like the kid who often draws their own piece to fit the puzzle, we try to make assumptions and draw conclusions as to what happened in situations of which we have no knowledge. 
Who do we think we are? Who gave us this right to judge others?

I don't like who we have become as a people... As a nation:
Name slashers. 

And the means of doing so has made it that much easier. Everyone seems to have the strength to relay their opinions through social media. But, who are we to judge?

January 11, 2012

The CT Bucket List

The graduation equation: 1 comp exam + 2 classes - 5 months = GRADUATION

That's right! In 5 months, I will be a Master of Health Sciences. "Exciting" is not sufficient enough to describe this impending milestone.

Since my time in Connecticut will be over in no time, I have developed a list of all the things I would like to do before graduation and moving back to Philly. 

The list:
  1. Take a ferry across the Long Island Sound
  2. Visit a lighthouse
  3. Visit a beach
  4. Eat at a few (at least 3) restaurants in New Haven/Hartford
  5. Visit Mystic, CT... go to the aquarium or go on a boat ride
  6. Visit Lyman Orchards
  7. Meet up with at least one of my three aunts who live in Connecticut/Massachusetts
  8. Attend a QU athletic game
  9. Participate in an event hosted by these people
Although this list is not extensive, it does run the gamut of all the things I imagined myself doing as I learned what the state has to offer. CT is such a beautiful state, full of grandeur, bursting with hills, gorgeous landscape, and over all a lot of places to see. I truly hope to complete this list and record it in life's book of memories.

January 9, 2012


There's something about self-portraits...
When drawn in complete honesty, it captures the very emotion that person is trying to convey. Worry, fear, sadness.... contentment.  Words are not necessary to describe the emotion being evoked.

While cleaning out my room at home, I found a self-portrait I drew circa 2003. I was about 15 years old. I learned the technique of drawing some facial features in a basic high school art class and ran with it drawing various faces of people using my imagination. I made it a hobby; done only when bored (which was quite often). But, I guess one day, I just decided to draw myself. This is what I came up with:

Look at those eyes! They say a lot. Much like the progression of facial expressions in latina artist, Frida Kahlo's, self-portraits. As the years went by, there is an obvious shift in her expression as her battle with polio became more and more debilitating.

I wonder what my self-portrait would look like today. Will I still have that same hint of sadness in my eyes?

January 2, 2012

Southern Beauty

I spent a wonderful 2 weeks with my beau and his parents in South Georgia. They live in an area sprinkled with lakes, and since meeting them 2.5 years ago, I've been in love. The lake in their backyard is so peaceful and quiet. I could sit out there for hours on end, just taking in the soft breeze and the excitement of a glimpse of a Loch Ness Monster fish.

One afternoon last week, I snapped away at the scenery. Beau is convinced that I take way too many pics of trees. I admit that I do, but no scenery is the same. The landscape in Connecticut is way different than that of what I have seen in New Jersey during undergrad, and even that of Pennsylvania. That's what makes nature so beautiful to me. The change of season produces variance in foliage. The speed at which the wind blows also changes the look of a tree you've been so accustomed to seeing for years on end.

I love it.
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