February 15, 2014



Last weekend we drove down to Ocean City, MD with our church to attend Premier Winterfest. Winterfest is sort of like a convention for young Christians (mostly teens and young adults). It was my first time attending something like this, although I vaguely remember going to Summerfest when I was in high school. Our church went last year and many of the young people came back on fire for God. It was no different this year. I too am refreshed from this experience. It was so beautiful seeing a huge auditorium full of teens and young adults raising their hands up in worship to the Lord. I wish I had this attitude and spirit when I was that age. Who knows where I would be now. I do enjoy the process I went through to get where I am now though. Everyone has to have their own story... their own process. Still,it was also a great time to fellowship with some of the younger people from our church. Beau thought it was a good idea for us to interact with them on a one on one level and I can truly say that I enjoyed it.

That weekend was also the first time I got to fully test out my DSLR. I can honestly say that I got some beautiful shots from it, but there is still so much to learn. Here are some photos from the event:

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February 10, 2014

Life, Lately


Hello dearest readers. It has been so long since I've submitted a proper blog post. A lot has been going on in my little life lately, and yet, it actually hasn't been much-- just much of the same. Here's a synopsis:

Work. Although part-time, I've been working a lot lately.Tiredness comes upon me very easily these days, and I can honestly say I now know how Beau feels when he says he's tired.  I don't think I've actually stated what this part time position is-- it's in banking. A bank teller to be exact. A far cry from my love of all things science and medicine, but it's been interesting. I never knew I would love interacting with people so much. Working here was helped me to get over the fear and anxiety I feel around people I don't know. It has allowed me to speak up (loud) and with authority. It has also enabled me to help pay some of our expenses. There are some things that I dislike about it, but overall, it's good. We are still so very grateful for it.

Home. After DIYing our Autumn wreath a few months ago, I've been obsessed with creating more looks for each season. Beau got me another twig wreath and I can't wait to gather inspiration and design something lovely for the upcoming Spring and Summer months. I'm thinking pretty ribbons and bright flowers... I'm so excited! I am also excited about finally being able to furnish our home-- primarily the main living space. I have fallen in love with all things West Elm, Wayfair and World Market so I am almost certain most of our things (especially the wooden furniture) will come from there.

Happenings. My birthday was lovely. Beau was sweet and planned a tiny surprises throughout the day like making breakfast before heading to work, cooking up dinner and sharing delicious cupcakes with me. He also gifted me a fancy DSLR camera, of which I am so thankful for as it is something I've wanted for a while. I know this kind of gift was something way out of our budget, so I truly appreciate his sacrifice.

I seemingly caught a severe case of baby fever. So much so, that my eyes well up with tears when someone excitedly mentions that they're having a baby (as a customer did last week). This occurrence is as sad as it is strange. I don't know why I feel this way. I've had a talk with the hubs about it and just having children in general and we've both come to the conclusion that we're not ready (i.e. There is still more growing that we need to do individually and as a couple. And really, we don't have the finances to support a kid right now), but the yearning is still there. Oh, and it. is. fierce.

Marriage. After one year of marriage... We are considering seeking counsel and are honestly not ashamed of it. Nothing is seriously wrong for the most part, but we are often reminded that we have absolutely no clue what we're doing as married folk sometimes, and we could really use some guidance from someone who has been married for a while. I see this being a tremendous help and very beneficial for the health and growth of our marriage.

Blogging. Lastly, it's obvious that my posts have been infrequent the last couple months. I sometimes contemplate whether I want to continue blogging. The answer is gathered within a few seconds of that thought with a resounding "YES!". I've also contemplated continuing blogging, but making it private. Like, really private. Like, for my eyes only private, but there's no fun in that. So, I've decided to continue. I love this outlet so much. I love sharing-- the good and the bad. I love the honesty. I love the connections. But most of all, I love realizing the growth. So, I'll be around for a little while longer. As I move from student, to (job-seeking) housewife to employee, I hope to keep up with the posts. If nothing at all, I'll try to blog with intent and hope you'll stick around.

I sincerely pray you are all doing well and are in good health. 

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