May 22, 2012

ON Long Island

The few hours that I spent in Port Jefferson, NY was very nice. I wandered around town, making sure to stay close to the dock and took in the beauty of this little town. As usual, I snapped tons of photos creating a story of what the town looked like through my eyes. Cute shops, quaint restaurants, and town full of history is what I experienced. 

(Read Part I of my mini day trip to Long Island (the ferry ride) here)

May 12, 2012

Letter to Cornerstone

Dear Cornerstone Church,

I distinctly remember doing a double take as I drove by your church the first time on Saturday, August 28, 2010. I had just gotten off the highway after the drive from Philly. I passed by, read the words “Cornerstone Church” in my head and there was a sort of imprint left there. Later that night, I looked for a church to attend the following morning. I typed the phrase “Pentecostal church + 06518” into Google and your church was the first result. Instantly I remembered driving by there earlier in the day. I had never searched for a church before so I didn’t know what to look for. My beau suggested that I read the Declaration of Faith to assure that it lined up with my beliefs. I read it, and then made that decision to visit Cornerstone in hopes of finding a new church home.

As soon as I walked into church Sunday morning, I was greeted by a woman who later became one of my dearest friends, and mother of sorts. She was loving and sweet, and I couldn’t help but to hug her while being greeted because of the abundance of love she showed. The congregation was just as friendly and kind. They all went out of their way to greet me and my beau, and continued to do that every week I attended. 

The weeks went by and I started getting involved with the women’s Bible study on Tuesday nights. It was something I looked forward to with vigor. It was my place. A place where I felt welcomed and known, especially since I knew one else in the state and it was hard to make friends with classmates. It was here that I grew to love the people of Cornerstone and the heart of the church. 

Within the first month of attending church, it clicked! This was the reason why God brought me to Connecticut. It made no sense to me before. QU was the only graduate school that I applied to, as I was considering attending another post-baccalaureate program. I was utterly surprised when I was accepted, but I couldn’t help but to question why this all happened in the first place.

 You can say that I grew up in the church, but I sort of fell away as I grew older. I had lost the unwavering love and passion for Christ that I once had. I’m not sure how that happened, but I am sure that attending undergrad and not having a church to attend attributed to it. I believe two things brought me back into His fold: (1) my beau’s re-dedication to the Lord before we started dating and the testimony of his life to me; and (2) the Christ-centered teachings and fellowship of Cornerstone church…. And God knew that I needed this. He knew that I needed love and friendship in the church, a sense of belonging, and reinforcement of His word. (He also knew that I have a deep love and appreciation for contemporary Christian music, and you guys had it! ツ )

There is so much more that I could say to you, Cornerstone Church of Cheshire, but my mind and little fingers cannot keep up. So, I will just leave you with these last few words…

Thank you for showing me pure, unadulterated love without even knowing me or my circumstances. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement, the prayers, and words of wisdom. Thank you for the invites for lunch, dinner, movies, annual Christmas parties, Christmas brunch, etc. And thank you for loving the Lord, because without His love, you would not be able to impart such love to me. 

I will miss you all dearly. I will surely visit. And, if we don’t see each other again in this life, I look forward to seeing you again in heaven.    

May 9, 2012

Long Island Ferry (Part I)

I am finished with the semester and my Masters program in general, and was left with an entire week before graduation with nothing to do. I decided to knock one more thing off of my CT bucket list: take the ferry across the Long Island Sound.

 The majority of the week promised to be rainy and miserable, so I opted to go on Monday when it was a lovely 67 degrees with tons of sunshine. First I wanted to take the 10:30 am ferry (that wasn't happening as I rarely get anywhere on time). Then I was aiming for the ferry at noon... that was also a failure since I had one errand to run before my adventure and I didn't leave to go until 11:30. Finally, I decided to get the 1:30 pm ferry, or I wasn't going to go at all.

I caught it and although I was a little wary of going by myself, there was really no one else to go with and I figured I would/could enjoy the experience alone. Once we left the Connecticut port, it was beautiful. The sun was shining, and everything was a beautiful shade of blue. I sat out on the deck and enjoyed the 'sea breeze'. It was a lovely, soothing trip. 

I am convinced water is my favorite element, because I really enjoy being surrounded by it. I snapped tons of photos as if I have never seen water before (as usual), and after a 1 hour, 15 minute ferry ride, we had arrived at Port Jefferson Long Island, NY.

(to be continued...)

May 2, 2012

Last Class

On this cloudy day, I walked across campus to the last class of my Master's career. I was quite elated at the experience, although my classmates who are also graduating with me did not seem as joyous. In any case, I sat through the long Patho Micro class about parasitic worms and all I could think about was how this is really the end. This is really the end of Grad school -- Mad school (for now)!

May 1, 2012

Adoptive Mothers

It's amazing how much love can be poured out from people you've only known for a short while. Like last year Spring, the ladies of my church here in CT had a little get together for me. It was truly great to have them all there. After all, they were my first friends here. I moved to Connecticut for grad school and knew no one. I decided to attend their Tuesday night Bible study Fall 2010, and looked forward to Tuesday nights every. single. week. They helped to keep me grounded, loved and not so alone. I had friendly faces to say hello to me at church on Sunday mornings when I didn't have that anywhere else, and kind hearts to invite me for hot dogs afterwards. I received hugs, prayers and well wishes for the semesters and congratulations and words of advice on my big news. 

These ladies were my friends; adoptive mothers in a sense. I love them all and will miss them dearly when I move back home.
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