November 30, 2011

I Had A Dream

Dream by Priscilla Ahn

"I was a little girl alone in my little world who dreamed of a little home for me.
I played pretend between the trees, and fed my houseguests bark and leaves, and laughed in my pretty bed of green."

November 27, 2011

I Have Too Much

Ever stared blankly at your closet for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what to wear?
- I'm going to be late for church
- I have too much
- Must simplify life
- First world problems?

... And this is only a sampling of all the clothes I have. I still have two closets full at home. 

I may have to clean house soon.

November 23, 2011


Christmas and my birthday are right around the corner and I've had a few things in mind that I would love to have... not necessarily that I need all of them, but I wouldn't mind really having a few of the things on this list, like pronto.

 1, 2, 3 
I can't wait to have my first home where I can decorate and liven it up with some of the beautiful art available in the world. These 3 paintings are currently my favorite.

4. This fit & flare dress is perfect for my shape. It would cinch the waist and not hug my curves, which would make me more than happy.
5. I. want. a. onesie.... I am not ashamed.
6. Since the summer, I have really been into loose, drapey clothing. This high-low cowl neck sweater is lovely!
7.  My plaid Chooka lace-up rainboots died at least 8 months ago. I have yet to replace them. I definitely need a new pair of rainboots.
8. A bright colored tote for all your casual handbag needs? Yes, please!
9. If I could find a comfy pair of camel colored mary-jane pumps with chunky heels to wear with skinny jeans, I would be quite happy.

10, 11, 12
Every girls needs unique jewelry pieces. The earrings and bracelet remind me of Jamaica.


13. My 6 year old 4 mp Canon Powershot A520 has been good to me. It really has. But I yearn for a camera that not only produces better quality photos, but also gives me the feel of a fancy DSLR camera without the bulk. This Nikon is pricey, but Ashton makes it SO desirable.
14. Dark denim jeans + taupe car seats don't mix. I NEED these car seat covers... I am too embarrassed.

November 19, 2011

Annual Traditions

The one tradition I've looked forward to for the past 4 years of my life is the 'Pre-Thanksgiving Feast' my friends from undergrad and I had the weekend before Thanksgiving. We usually had a full spread for dinner, and all contributed to the meal in some fashion. I always made the mashed potatoes. We also had baked mac and cheese, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and our makeshift turkey were a few containers of store-bought rotisserie chicken. (It was the best we could do in a college dorm).

This tradition of sorts began in 2007 when our friendship first began germinating. We thought, 'wouldn't it be cool to have Thanksgiving dinner together since we will all be away with our families on the actual day?'. We went grocery shopping the day before the event and somehow everything always came together very nicely. After such a massive dinner, we danced. That food had to be dissolved somehow...

Even though we graduated last year May, our friends still continued the tradition since everyone still pretty much lived in the New Jersey/New York area. I was unable to make it to last year's festivities, but I will definitely be going today. I haven't seen my fellow Drewids since Alumni weekend last year! We're meeting at my friend's apartment in NYC. I am super excited!

Here are a few pics from the previous years:




November 6, 2011


For 10 years now, I believed my most embarrassing moment in life occurred the summer I visited my cousins in Massachusetts. We were walking home from summer camp, and  passed a couple of guys in front of a Hispanic store. I didn't pay them much attention, but as we walked down the street, I felt a very sharp pain in my bum, which scared me terribly. So, I took off running for a few blocks leaving my cousins behind. I am sure they were quite confused because I didn't say a word to them, I just started running. When I finally stopped running, caught my breath and allowed my cousins to catch up, I was finally able to tell them what happened.... 

Some random guy kicked me in my bum... I felt the sharp pain, freaked out and ran!

Now, as hilarious as this story is to everyone I tell, it was quite embarrassing. And as of 10 minutes ago, I think I have a story that is the adult equivalent to the embarrassment I experienced as a teenager...

I am currently watching Serendipity and the first half hour made me think about my beau and how much I love and miss him. I know he's out at a concert and probably wouldn't answer his phone if I called, so I decided to text those affections to him. I received a response almost instantaneously and it read: 
"Ummm.... i think you sent this to the wrong person... LOL "

Clearly I sent the text to the wrong person... The woman whose children I babysit!!! I was so  embarrassed. Like, I literally laughed and cried, and had those prickly armpits (which I usually get when I'm nervous/embarrassed) all at the same time. 
I am pretty sure everyone has a story like this, but I still think it was incredibly awkward. 

I am easily abashed.

November 4, 2011


I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have registered for my final semester. Only 6 credits (and the completion of this semester) stand between me and graduation.

Do you know what that means?  I am really close to becoming a Master of Health Sciences. How awesome is that?! This calls for dancing!
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