Behind the Blog

I will profess over and over again that I "dislike writing". Yet, I created this blog to write.

Beyond My Smile was created as an outlet for self-expression, and just to write about the random things I would not want to bother my friends with. This is evident in my very first post. As time went on, I began discovering other blogs, other bloggers and the reality that many people publish blog posts as a means of expressing themselves, recording parts of their lives, and sharing what interests them.

This is a personal lifestyle blog. It allows me to record snippets of my journey in life. Beyond My Smile is a hodgepodge of my interests, thoughts, as well as the bliss, struggles, musings and despondenc(-ies) that may surround my outward smile...

This blog is transitional; much like life itself. My hope is that it is able to withstand the changes I endure, from graduate school, to having a career, getting married, and whatever else life holds.

Thank you for following along.

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