August 27, 2013

Work In Progress

Every now and again (read: very often), I get an insane urge to give my blog page a little make-over. It often comes with the change of seasons... and sometimes, just because I am tired of looking at the same thing over and over again. 

My dreams of an amazing blog banner is sadly killed by my lack of artistic abilities... but I will not stop! haha. So, bear with me as I figure out the banner. Once the banner is figured out, everything else should fall into place. 

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August 20, 2013


Lately, I have been:


Keeping Busy. In the past few weeks, I have been trying to remain busy. I started volunteering with an Inner-city program that teaches kids the Bible through theater arts. It has been pretty good so far. The couple that runs the organization are very sweet. The kids are also equally sweet and funny. I also volunteered at a nursing home where we played BINGO and helped transport the residents to various activities.  All of these opportunities have been lovely and refreshing. I volunteer with four younger girls from my church. We are all apart of a group called Daughters of Destiny. I was recruited to this group not of my own will, but of the interest of the person who birthed the group. I was a bit apprehensive to be a part of this group initially because I felt like I just didn't belong. Firstly, because the other 4 girls are younger than me. Second, the group was established rather recently and it just seemed a bit all over the place and I prefer organization over frenzy. Lastly, I just felt as though I didn't belong. Although the girls are younger than me, they have all been on fire for God all while I feel as though I am in the most secluded waiting place... I am at a crossroads of sorts in discovering the plan God has for my life. But lately, I have received a sort of confirmation that I belong in this group. There is something about the sisterhood that is there. I am the youngest of 3 (2 other sisters) and so I feel as though I get to be a big sister to these girls. They have also blessed me with their lives. Need prayer? They are there to embrace you and pray with such power. I was at my weakest point when I joined the group and they have given me so much strength just through their passion for Christ alone. It is extremely uplifting. 

Trying a new recipe. I am not big on burgers, but I have been dying to try salmon burgers for some time now. I finally tried it and was in love. I used fresh salmon fillets, cubed it, mushed it up a bit, added a ton of seasonings, spices, and dill-- cooked it up and served it with sweet potato fries. It was so delicious! And beau loved it too. I guess you can say that was my first ever Pinterest recipe.

Featured on a blog. This little bloggie of mine has a very small following. Actually, I wouldn't say it has a following at all because based on blog statistics, the majority of the views are from random google searches. However, 2 weeks ago, I got a scare of a lifetime when my blog views more than decupled in one day's time. I thought, oh my goodness. I'm on one of those awful blogger trash-talking sites. I soon realized that I was featured on a blog that I submitted an entry to. I've mentioned only a few times on this blog that I am trying to grow my hair long and healthy again. I have finally been able to do so and decided to share  "My Hair Story" on Just Grow Already, and that is where all the blog hits came from. I am glad I figured it out because it was truly quite a scare. I know that with blogging, you literally place yourself in the public eye especially when you share more than just  pretty photos and generic words. But, I like sharing a little bit more because I know that there is someone out there who can relate and who may find comfort in knowing that they are not the only one facing trials AND that they will make it through. People are emotional beings. We thrive on relationship and being able to relate. I will continue to share those kinds of private-ish posts publicly, but I am only okay sharing it with just a handful of people... 400+ readers? not so much.


Working through life. I discovered an amazing artist (Laura Story) recently when I stumbled upon her song, Blessings (click to listen). The lyrics of this song were so profound and hit me so hard. It spoke to my current situation and really made me think: what if? The lyrics read:

What if my greatest disappointments
Or the aching of this life
Is the revealing of a greater thirst
This world can't satisfy?
And what if trials of this life
The rain, the storms, the hardest nights
Are Your mercies in disguise?

The artist shared the story behind this song here, and what stood out to me the most was that after all that she had gone through, she decided to ask herself "whether we are going to choose to interpret our circumstances based on what we hold to be true about God, or whether we're going to judge what we hold to be true about God based on our circumstances (reference James 1:2-3)".... Such a profound statement/question that has completely changed my perspective on some things in my life.

What have you been up to lately? 

August 10, 2013

Counted Blessings


You know the small things that occur in life that beckons you to count your blessings? Yea, I have had many of those recently.

When beau and I agreed to get married last November, we did it in spite of my joblessness. We knew that it would come with him being the sole provider for our household for an indefinite time period. He gladly took on the responsibilities and have done extremely well manning all of the expenses and have not complained yet. More recently, however, our expenses have gotten a bit more burdensome on him. Again, he still doesn't complain, but fervently exclaims that it is the goodness of God that has kept us throughout the months.

So, with that we are truly grateful knowing that the Lord is our Jehovah Jireh. We are not without food. All of our expenses are getting paid. We are still able to support funds for transportation. And, we are not in need of anything. We even have opportunities for sporadic date nights (gotta love Groupon, Living Social, and Eversave Philadelphia).

... And because of that, we count our blessings.

August 3, 2013

The Perfect Blog // The Perfect Life


I think E, of E Tells Tales, said it best when she tweeted: "The perfect blog: heavy on the writing, light on the blogging".

I have been pretty quiet on the blog lately (as it has been quite often before) and I honestly can't even put into words why. When I think about it hard enough though, Life comes to mind... Life.

Life has been so incredibly frustrating lately. It's one of those things that we spend forever trying to figure out, and just when we think we've got it down to a science, here comes that curve-ball, and what you thought you knew is all a mystery again.

I kind of miss those easy days. The days when all I had to worry about were getting good grades and making sure I did my chores, although those days weren't so glorious either, they sure do appear that way now. I often wonder if I would look back on my life and be grateful for what I have gone through and the person it will shape me into.Believing in James 1:2-4, I think it will.

There is no true purpose to this blog post. Only a means of writing around some issues that I can't quite mold into words and making myself feel as though I am talking to a good friend who just seems to understand everything that I'm going through.

We can never truly figure out life, especially when we've placed it in the Lord's hands. Even if we tried to do everything on our own, we still wouldn't have it all figured out. I have placed all of my cares and my worries in the hands of God. I have waited a long time to do so, but I guess I finally realized that it's all I can do. Who else is there to call on for help? Who else is there to comfort me and to help provide for our household but Him? I have placed everything into His hands, and now I'm waiting. I'm waiting for deliverance, provision, and a new testimony.

It's funny how we often shy away from discussing the really hard things on our blogs. We strive for the perfect blog... to portray the perfect life. Meanwhile, our lives are doused in imperfections.

Since I find these types of posts more relatable, I will be be heavy on the writing and light on the blogging during this season in my life. It's what I need right now.... and I'm sure some stumble-upon-er out there needs it too.

August 2, 2013

Current Breast Cancer Studies

As some of you who may have been following me for some time may know, I am a supporting blogger for the Dr. Susan Love/Avon Army of Women. You can read more about what that means, here. My posts have been few and far between, but I am still very much committed to this service.

In the sidebar, you will notice a pink button that says "Army of Women: Current Breast Cancer Studies". Click the button, and the link will take you to where I keep an updated list of all of the breast cancer studies that require participants. Please take some time to look through the study requirements and see if you are able to participate in a study . You would be doing a great service to the researchers, and to current and future breast cancer sufferers.

Here is also a link to other studies you can join.

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