May 31, 2013

Thoughts + May Highlights

I've been pretty quiet on the blog this week. I wanted to share what we did during Memorial Day weekend along with a couple other posts, but I thought it best to just remain quiet. (That's the good thing about blogging for fun. There is no real obligation to get a post up if you're not feeling up to it.)

A lot has been on my mind lately. Nothing in particular, just thoughts... questions. My mind is like that, you know. Curiosity strikes almost always and my mind proposes many question. I sit down and think of all the possible answers and allow the Holy Spirit to even reveal some answers to me. I really enjoy that quiet time.

Here, I am sharing some highlights from this month.
Enjoy and happy weekend! Stay cool!

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May 24, 2013

6 Months Married!


No one really counts the months, but I do. 
I would count the days, hours and minutes too if my mind could commit to it. 
6 months ago, I said "I do", and I'm so glad that I did.
Life with Beau is so sweet. He's so loving, kind and hard-working. 

Beau doesn't consider months to have significance in comparison to years, but I count them all. Every day is a gift. A new learning experience. A new life experience. I cherish it. 

I planned a tiny surprise for him today. I couldn't decide between cupcakes or a donut (tower) cake. I opted for the latter (since I know he has plans to bake carrot cupcakes this weekend) and added sparkler candles. I also got a little card...
It's the small things.

Happy holiday weekend, everyone! 
Enjoy your barbecues and time off!

May 22, 2013

Beautiful Feet

Beautiful are the feet of those west haven beach long island sound

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"
Romans 10:15

May 21, 2013

The Weekend + Random Thoughts


This weekend was extremely soggy and dreary, so we opted to not do much. We went to see The Great Gatsby, browsed around a shopping center and had take-out for dinner on Saturday. Sunday was the usual church with an evening service to honor our pastor. I was given the opportunity to pay tribute to our pastor this year and it was so fitting, as he played such a major role in our marriage in the Fall in such an invaluable way. Beau and I are so grateful for him. I love my pastor dearly -- 84 years old and chock full of wisdom! 

Now, some random thoughts:

- a house dress is possibly the most unflattering wardrobe piece you could own, but it is oh so comfortable.
- I absolutely dislike when people grab my hand to not-so-subtly look at my rings and then have a look of disdain on their faces after spotting the non-traditional ruby ring. A person could have the biggest diamond ring ever and be very unhappy in their marriage. It's not about the ring, but the life you life. I'm going to start snatching my hand back after this.
- When a sweaty individual occupies a  machine right under the gym fan allowing it to blow all the funk over to you AND when someone occupies a treadmill right next to your end machine when the entire row of machines is empty are two of my pet peeves at the gym.
- I have fallen in love with the PBS Masterpiece series, Mr. Selfridge. I vaguely remember Masterpiece Theater from my childhood, but I know the shows were very well respected. I really enjoy the current shows and look forward to getting entranced in more. I only wish the seasons were longer. 

May 16, 2013

Like A Flood

photo via

Disappointment strikes again. I should be used to it by now, but I'm not. I am still saddened after reading the "Thank you.... and best wishes in your career endeavors" email, because I get my hopes up too easily. This was only the third job I've really wanted after an interview and maybe that's why the rejection hurts so bad. 

It's okay, though. 

When one job offer comes, other offers will come in like a flood. 
Of this i'm sure.

May 14, 2013

Filling Empty Spaces

SAM_8375-001 SAM_8388-002

The bedrooms: the master is full of furniture gifted to us the day before our wedding. It was such a blessing. The closets are full of clothes and shoes that hardly get worn and a music stash evident of a true audiophile.The walls are bare. 


Our Living Room: with the twin set olive green recliners his parents gave us, the off-white loveseat my mom offered to us, and the pink lamp stand I had in grad-school, and the TV extending around the bend to face us during meal time. There’s nothing else in there.


The dining room: with built-in shelves, a painting of The Last Supper that needs to be hung, our first dining room set, and a door that leads to the back deck. There’s nothing else.


Our kitchen: tiny and cozy as can be. The space is narrow. The shelves, though few, are all occupied with small electrical appliances. But, the cupboards are packed, the fridge is full, and we have enough.

This, is our first home. We’ve been looking for the perfect one since 2010. Gave up for a little while and finally found it when the time was right

There are some spaces that need filling, but it will come. The means to have all that we desire will come. I often plan in my mind what kinds of painting and pictures we will have strewn across the walls of our house; or the kind of sofa we’ll have in our living room, along with shelves, mirrors, rugs and accent pillows too! I often wonder if we will ever hang the painting of Jesus and His disciples, or find a more visually appealing location for our television. But for now, everything is where it needs to be. Over time we will begin to see the empty spaces filling up and the decoration desires of our heart will be met.

This observation about our home helps me to put things into perspective. Since I moved in, I’ve been thinking of all the things we can do with the living room: once we get rid of the recliners, olive green curtain panels, and pink lampstand. Maybe a neutral colored sofa, with pops of red or yellow... paint that lamp post some metallic color... get a pretty area rug... And not to mention finding some way to build these awesome honeycomb shelves I’ve seen floating around the internet.

I’ve been focused on what I hope to acquire (what I want) and not on what I have now. This is my biggest flaw. I often say here that I am learning or have learned lessons from certain situations in my life and this is no different. I grew up living with excess of all things materialistic. The empty spaces in our home were filled with more shoes. more clothes. more handbags. More. More. More. My mother supported me financially every week right up until my final year of graduate school. If I had a job, it was because I wanted more and not because I was required to have one. I had not yet learned what it was like to be in want. I honestly believe that this is the lesson I am currently being schooled in. Instead of filling up the empty spaces with more things, I needed to fill it up with more of God.

This past year, I have found myself doing just that. I purchased my first study Bible in July 2012 and that has been the best purchase I have ever made in life… way better than 100 pretty dresses. I spent more time in prayer, reading the Bible and understanding the words written on the pages. Doing this has brought so many blessings-- more than money can buy. It has given me more faith, joy, peace, comfort and contentment… And even more so, eternal life through Christ. This is what my spiritual empty space is being filled with.

As for our home, that is another lesson in and of itself. I am learning to be content with what we have now. When our increase comes and we have all that we want, we can look back and see where we've come from and appreciate it even more.

"Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth."
~Colossians 3:2~

"...while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.
~2 Corinthians 4:18~

May 13, 2013

One Year Ago Today


One year ago today, I graduated with a Master's of Health Science degree in Biomedical Science. 
It was such an honorable and humbling experience. 

May 8, 2013

A Little Bit of This and That

This and That Curve-001
**just a few photos from life lately**

1. Clear, blue skies hanging around downtown. Just because. 
2. I won Free Shoes Friday via DSW on Twitter again. Time to treat myself to new shoes! 
3. Still building my way up to running long-distance. It hurts like crazy, but I'm learning to push through the pain. 
4. LaNeshe and I at the Philly Natural Hair Show. This is my first time ever meeting a blogger in person, so it was lovely. 
5. Cupcakes are the key to my heart, and Beau knows it. This was a lemon cupcake with lavender frosting and honey drizzle-- delish!
6. We have a GREEN lawn mower!! Green! (my favorite color). We have a neighbor who mows everyones lawn every two weeks for a small fee, but since Beau is a first-time home owner, he wanted to mow his own lawn. 
 7. Us. Smiles. Hugs. Love. 
8. I love BIG earrings. I got these afro earrings from Toni Daley and I love them. They made such a huge statement at the Natural Hair Show. People staring at me makes me all types of uncomfortable, but after a while, I realized they were looking at my earrings, and not me. haha.
 9. I had an interview recently at a place that has really high hiring standards and are basically really hard to get into. I am exercising the utmost faith right now and praying that I get the position.

May 6, 2013

Married Friends

Life of a Newlywed with text

It recently came to my attention that beau has two good friends to discuss all marriage-related things with. I -- have zero. His one friend lives in the city and they meet up for lunch and chit chats during the workweek. His other friend from college also speaks with him on occasion. Both friends have gotten married within the last year, so it is an amazing outlet for him.

It never bothered me before, but now that I think about it, it would be nice to have someone to speak with from time to time. More specifically, someone in my age bracket.

There are very few people who I call friend-- who I would feel comfortable enough to share intimate details with. (That's the way it should be, right?) But none of them are married. 

It’s funny how I didn't feel the need for a married friend until recently. I have learned from early on not to share anything with others outside of my marriage. Wanting a married friend is for fellowship and not relationship bashing... Sharing similarities, general conflict resolutions and my feelings of short-comings, and even gaining suggestions on how handle certain issues that arise. That is why my unmarried friends will not suffice.

I pray that I am able to find a friend soon. Where? When? I have no clue.

All you married folk, do you have at least one married friend to fellowship with? If not? Do you desire one? 
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