June 20, 2013

On My Mind || Lately

 - Lately, I've been on my usual roller-coaster ride of emotions. They are such silly things at times, emotions. I think I am little more stir crazy than usual. I am tired of being at home. Tired of doing nothing. Tired of wishing I could help more. Tired of loan collectors calling me (if I can be real for a moment). Tired of wishing for my dream job offer to finally come. Tired of everyone's two-cents -- no matter how much they see it as 'helping'. Tired, tired, tired! But I guess it's just not my time to get a job yet. What's a girl to do? Continue to trust in God, I suppose.

- School is finally out! Yesterday was their last day and I think I may be happier than the kids themselves. There's a middle school right at the end of the block and at a specific time of the morning, traffic on our street picks up, and the constant drone of children's voices as they walk to school wakes me up. Here's to sleeping a little bit longer in the mornings!

 - Speaking of schools... I've been dreaming a lot about schools and attending school lately. Although going back to school is the last thing on my mind, these dreams might be telling me something. I am really ready to get on with my career, though.

- Temperatures are mild right now. I wish they could stay this way all summer long. But then I suppose it wouldn't really be summer in the Northeast if it were so. I at least hope that these temperatures will last a little while longer.


- I managed to get all of my college science books (and yearbooks) back in my possession and it was no easy feat. I also picked up my board games and my "special box" I've had since childhood. What started out as just a simple shoe box, houses special occasion cards, old report cards, Playbills, notes, arts&crafts, photos, etc.... basically a lot of paper junk, but it's so precious to me.

- Lastly, I can't believe we'll be entering into the 2nd half of the year in a matter of days. Where has the time gone?

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