January 29, 2017


It is my 'golden birthday'. I am 29 on the 29th!

As the year turned and my birthday approached, I reflected on life over the past few years. I felt as though nothing has changed in terms of personality and characteristics. I looked in the mirror over the last 5 years and saw the same Jhan. My mind felt like the same Jhan.  I could see the physical changes, especially on my face, but internally, I still felt unsure of myself. I still felt young, a little apprehensive, and  very afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. But a shift happened in the last few days. (Is that how birthdays work when you're approaching a major milestone??) I am beginning to feel my age. A little more strong willed, and a little more like an adult. What the actual heck?! I am getting old! [insert distraught emoji] I am definitely still unsure of myself most days, but I am definitely more out-spoken and strong-willed. Baby steps. 

This is 29. 

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