September 25, 2013

This & That

old fashioned clothespin
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Ever had one of those times where you regret not making a purchase? I am currently kicking myself for not getting a pair of shoes I saw a few weeks back. They were tan open-toed clog-like shoes and I loved them. They were super comfortable, and they weren't even my size! 'Why didn't you get them?', you might be wondering. Well, because I initially went to the store for nude pumps for church, and when it came down to it, I went with what was practical. Now all I have left to remember those lovely shoes by is a blurry cell-phone pic. I can't even find them online... Almost makes me think it was just a dream.

Speaking of shoes, I won a giftcard from DSW again. That makes like, win number 5 or 6? I'm not even sure. I've lost count. Not all wins were gift cards, however-- one was a handbag, and two were brand sponsored giveaways, so we had to choose shoes from those specific brands. Since one of the requirements when you win is to post a status on Facebook (or retweet on Twitter), my friends and family are all like -- "omgsh! how do you keep winning these??!!"
and I just smile and say-- "speed and a bit of luck, I suppose'.
As if I actually believe in luck. My response is true, though.

I recently rediscovered one of the gifts I received at my bridal shower. I had it buried in a drawer somewhere. It was a bath and body set that actually came with a plug-in diffuser. I plugged that bad boy in and I am in love. It has a strong smell, but it's very pleasant (better than a Glade plug-in, in my opinion). I plan on investing in more of these.

Being a newlywed comes with its share of miscommunication--or lack thereof. But what about those times when you really just don't understand each other? Beau's lingo is a myriad of slang (stems back to his MC/emcee-ing days and continual love for hip-hop, I suppose). So I sometimes have my share of misunderstanding whenever he speaks. One night, we had a long discussion on if the other person said whole stir or holster. They sound pretty similar-- homophonous-- but are clearly different words. Add to that the fact that my short-term memory is pretty basic and I honestly didn't remember: (1) which word I used and (2) how I had used either word in the sentence previously spoken. Needless to say, that conversation went no where.

I don't have a tumblr account, but I love the concept. There are 2 tumblr accounts that I frequent because of content. Check them out:
(1) My Revelment -- I have been following this blog for over a year now and I like the beautiful landscape images,  typography, and the overall simplicity of it.
(2) Life is Beautiful -- This one is my absolute favorite! The images are so stunning and the layout is very aesthetically pleasing. The blogger is Christian and she not only shows it through the beautiful posts, but also in the way that she responds to many of the questions she gets.
** Bonus** The Murmuring Cottage -- makes you feel like you're living in the countryside, like Anne of Green Gables, or something.

September 23, 2013

Mary and Max

Strange things happen when you leave your husband home alone for a couple of hours on a Sunday night. Last night, I returned home to find Beau watching a movie on Amazon Instant Video. It was a black and white claymation film. "Mary and Max" was the title-- a film that, according to Beau, was "funny so far, but also a little sad". He explained the general idea of the film a little further and I became intrigued, so I joined him and immediately found myself giggling during certain scenes. Then towards the end of the movie, I thought "what kind of craziness is my husband really watching??", all while still being sucked into it. It ended and I wanted to cry a bit, but I refused to since I started watching in the middle and it made absolutely no sense to be so attached to characters I met half-way through a movie. I still thought the movie was a bit strange, and Beau even more strange for finding such a random movie to watch on a Sunday night.  I would totally recommend it, though.

Here's a graphic that summarizes the film (click to enlarge):

** image #1 found here
** image #2 found here

September 21, 2013

The Week Word // 001

Human Circuit Tree
- noun: a complete route or course, especially one that is circular.

This week felt very much like a circuit-- as it should, I suppose. But, aside from the normal course of Sunday through Saturday routines, it also felt like I went through a complete course of emotions: joyful on the weekends when I get to spend more time with Beau and be around more people when we fellowship at church, and a little more down during the week as I spend more time with myself and my thoughts.

I am thankful for circuits this week, however, because they support life. Much like the circulatory system that pumps blood from the heart, to our arteries and veins, and throughout our entire bodies and back to the heart again for refreshment, so are our lives. Circuits propel us, direct us, and provide a source of power. And no matter how monotonous it may seem -- since we really are living in a "circle of life"-- or how often we get stuck with your own thoughts, there is an assurance in knowing that there is always something to look forward to again at some point during the course.

This is the highlight of my week.

// The Week Word (WW), is about choosing, only one word -if you had to- to describe a highlight of your week.
via Cocorrina

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September 11, 2013

The Weekend: Football Game

SAM_1378-001 SAM_1290-001 SAM_1293-001 SAM_1294-001 

 I was two steps away from naming this post "I hate football, but I love my husband". But that would be a lie, because now that I understand football a bit more, I actually like it. Not enough to sit and watch every single game in the season, but enough to get excited during the superbowl and surely enough to cheer on a team from Beau's alma mater.

SAM_1297-001 SAM_1310-001 SAM_1326-001 SAM_1331-001

Saturday morning, Beau and I and a couple kiddos from our church headed out to the football stadium to watch the first home game for the Temple Owls. We had box seats- which belongs to Beau's firm- and so it was a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I clearly missed the memo that we should wear colors that coordinate with the team's color, so I wore the most brilliantly yellow shirt and awkwardly stood among a sea of cherry and white at the entrance. Yup.... awkward.

SAM_1334-001 SAM_1358-001 SAM_1355-001

Our team lost the game. They had to potential to win, but it just didn't happen. Maybe next time, Temple Owls. Maybe next time... Although, Beau did tell me that they have never actually won any of the games he's attended as an alumni.But I'm sure they've won at some point.
--hashtag optimism

September 6, 2013

Now You Know // More Random Facts About Me

  • I have to drink tea with a spoon about 2/3 of the way before I can turn the cup to my head.
  • My favorite word is okay. I would like to think of myself as an optimistic person, but if someone asks me:how are you? or, how was your day? or, how is the meal? my response will most likely be: I'm/it's okay. 
  • I've studied Spanish for 8 years: 4 years in high school and it was my minor in undergrad. I understand it better than I speak it. I've just never had an opportunity to practice it... except senior year of high school when I tutored a kid from Mexico in Geometry. THAT was an experience! I didn't take advantage of any of the study abroad programs while in college. I would  really love to visit somewhere in South America or Central America with beau, though... Adding that to my bucket list.  
  • When I love a song, I love it to death and play it over and over until I learn the lyrics so I can sing along to it whenever it's on. 
  • I have a Windows Phone. So what that means is... I have a phone that severely lacks "good" apps. Lucky for me though, I'm not really into apps [I'm more into the uniqueness of the phone, the speed, and ease of use]. The facebook and twitter apps are great though. But until recently, I was either using Beau's phone or a program on my computer (Bluestacks) to upload photos to instagram. We finally have a good instagram app for Windows Phone, not an official app, but good (maybe even better than the one for Android/iPhone). 
  • I am pretty methodological about washing dishes. We hand wash everything. So first I do the glasses/cups, then the plates, and lastly the silverware. 
  • From 6th grade to 12 grade, I did not miss one day of school. 
  • I have yet to change my maiden name. 
  • My all time favorite flower is the hibiscus flower. Whenever I see a photo of it, I can almost smell it and I'm instantly brought back to my childhood in Jamaica.
  • I secretly wish I made Youtube videos. I mean really-- what started as a hobby for many (i.e. uploading videos of make-up tutorials, styling tips, recipe videos) has landed them a brand for themselves. The channels with a large following make money- like a legit salary- from the views AND they get amazing opportunities to work with major brands internationally.  Some even get paid to record their daily lives, no matter how mundane and repetitive, and upload the videos to youtube. Crazy, right?!
  • I really, really want a pet rat, but Beau would absolutely. die. Like, absolutely. My friends had a pet rat called Babu Baloo in undergrad and although it freaked me out initially (rat tails are kind of gross), I eventually fell in love. She was easily trained and very smart. Said friends later thought it was a good idea to get a boy rat, called Raúl, so they could mate and have babies and everyone in our group of friends would be able to have our own baby rat. That was a major fail! Oh college, you were full of many bad ideas. 

Babu pet rat
// this was Babu. She didn't have any babies. She was too terrified of Raul when we introduced him to her, so we let them be. 

September 4, 2013

More In A Moment...

I stumbled upon the most beautiful worship video today, and the words "You could love me more in a moment, than other lovers could in lifetime" really spoke to my heart. This is such a beautiful expression of God's love for us. I decided to try my hand at a little typography (pictured above-- not the most intricate, but you know..). I hope this message brings some peace and comfort to you. 

If you're interested in listening/watching the video, click through to view it here.

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, 
nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, 
shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

September 2, 2013

Summer's End


The sun sets around 7:30 pm now... and will continually set one (or two) minutes earlier each day until early winter.

It was a good summer. No major trips. No major life events. Just summer--  hot days. warm nights. crazy pore cleansing humidity. the brightest sunshine-y days.  beautiful sunsets. drenching thunderstorms followed by beautiful rainbows. and happy days.  It was a good summer. And on this day, Labor Day, the unofficial last day of summer--- summer comes to an end. I will remember Summer 2013 as a good one. My first summer married. Our first summer in our new home. our first summer weathering the weather of life together (sounds kind of cheesy, but true).  Just an all-around lovely season.

I now look forward to one of my more favorite seasons-- Autumn.. I am so excited about drinking tea again (I just. can't. during the summer months). Visiting a local farm for apple picking, hayrides and a pumpkin center piece. and crunchy leaves. I looove a good crunchy leaf.

 Random side note: Remember when Facebook groups (today's equivalent is the facebook fan page) were a 'thing' around 2006/2007? Well, I had an insane love for stepping on crunchy leaves then. So I joined the facebook group "I Will Go Slightly Out of My Way to Step On a Crunchy Looking Leaf". Yea, I am kind of strange. I love Fall! 

Goodbye, Summer 2013. You were sweet!

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