March 31, 2011

Bridge the Gap

African American women are more likely to die of breast cancer than Caucasian women, even though fewer African American women are getting breast cancer each year and screening use has improved. And, this difference has actually gotten worse over the past 20 years {}.

We need to know what is going on so that we can begin closing the GAP between the health outcomes of African American women and Caucasian women.

If you are an African American woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer (or if you know of someone who was), please participate or invite them to participate in this study (Click link).

"The best way to close this GAP is to fill it with knowledge!"

Also, sign up to be a soldier for Army of Women.

March 30, 2011


As per usual, my iTunes is on shuffle and I hear a song that I've most likely heard a thousand times (because when I love a song, I love it about 30 more times after that, and then some). The song is "Love Is" by Hope.

"Love is just forgiveness when you know you've been done wrong
And taking every heartbreak and turn into song
Love is just believing when you cannot see the light
In every situation, shine as the brightest star..."

Hope is a beautiful singer/song writer I discovered and fell in love with a few years ago. The first song I heard by her was "The Rain Don't Last". After hearing that song, I wanted to hear more so I sought her out until I found a selection of her songs on her personal Myspace page. Needless to say, I have been listening to the same 9 songs since then, and honestly, it's been a few years now.

I figured I would Google 'Hope' to see what's up with her these days and look what I found... My next Video of the Day! Added bonus: she's singing with one of my favorite male singers, Jason Mraz.

This is a double smile feature today!
(...triple if you count the fact that she'll be releasing an album soon)

March 29, 2011

Have you ever wanted something so bad, you're afraid it won't come?

Do you wonder if you're not getting said thing because you don't want it for the right reasons, even though you are certain that you do?

Have you ever wanted something so bad, you've imagined several different scenarios of gaining it?

When will it happen?

There is a time and a season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

..... Though sometimes, fruition falls into our hands.

March 28, 2011

Phone Photos

For such a small and relatively inexpensive and 'uncool' device, my cell phone has a lot of storage space. I have 540+ photos. No. I will not post them all here... but here are a few recent-ish moments I have captured.

A tree by the Schuylkill River

I wanted to name him Earl if I ever did take him home. He's probably made a snake full and happy for a few days by now.

Rainy day.

Ice Cave. I stayed at the library on campus from about 11 am one day to 1 am the following morning and was greeted by an ice covered mess. I sat there waiting for it to defrost (b/c I didn't have one of those ice scraper tools, and luckily the guy parked next to me left the library around that time and volunteered to scrape the ice off.


The QU cleanup crew after that huge snow storm in CT... (on top of the 30-something inches they already had)

I pass by this pond everyday I ride the shuttle and it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful it is.

View of Hamden and downtown New Haven from the York Hill Student Center. Well, once you are able to see past the two dorm buildings.

Dear beau, I still think he had training wheels on his motorcycle. ツ

GPOY (I know this isn't tumblr)

Valley Forge

My mom's Hippeastrum bloomed on the last night of Spring break.

March 24, 2011

Video of the Day

'Temporary Home"
by Carrie Underwood

"This is my temporary home, it's not where I belong
Windows and rooms that I'm passing through
This is just a stop on the way to where I'm going
I'm not afraid because I know
This is my temporary home"

If you know the Lord, this is such a comforting song. ツ

March 22, 2011


"If you plated your cells correctly, you should have an R-squared value of greater than 0.95" ~lab protocol~

.... Well, how about that!...

Image: Methylene Blue staining of cells.

...not even close!

(obviously I didn't plate my cells correctly)

I don't even know how to go about writing this lab report knowing that the data is inaccurate.

March 20, 2011

Better Than A Hallelujah

"We pour out our miseries,

God just hears a melody
Beautiful the mess we are,

The honest cries of breaking hearts
Are better than a Hallelujah... sometimes."

March 16, 2011

10 Things I'd Love To Tell My Younger Self

1. Speak up!
  • Your 2nd grade teacher would not have forced you to be the one to say “heads down, thumbs up” while playing Seven-up on Game Day Fridays; That drastic haircut at the salon could have been prevented in 10th grade; You would not have had so much bottled-up anger to be released in family therapy; You would not have been the only person to use the microphone for your presentation in bio freshman year; you would be more assertive in your speech today. You would never second guess your responses. You would not be so reserved. Your grammar would have been at least 5 times better. You would be more willing to share your opinions. Most importantly, you would be more confident and willing to make your own decisions instead of having people make those decisions for you.
2. Learn to manage finances.
  • From that one time you lost all your money at Primary school in Jamaica, you should have learned your lesson in guarding your finances. Who knows? Maybe you would be a little wiser in spending and saving today.
3. Smile more.
  • In a way, it fools everyone into thinking that you are okay. It also makes you seem less mean-spirited.
4. All of your so-called 'flaws'?
  • There is someone out there who will love and accept all of them.
5. Material things mean nothing.
  • Having more clothes and shoes than the next kid does not necessarily mean that your life is better. They don’t replace the void your parents did not fill.
6. It’s okay to play.
  • Playing is not only fun for a child, but it leaves them with lifelong communication and abstract thinking skills.
7. Study more.
  • You won’t always be the ‘most intelligent’ student at school.
8. Use your free time wisely.
  • Procrastination and tardiness is so unbecoming.
9. It’s okay to cry.
  • ... Bawl your eyes out even! Life is full of ups and downs. (Your life just seemed to have had more downs than up, but it’s okay to let it out.). You will feel a little better when the tears have dried.
10. Forgiveness will be your most valuable gift!
  • Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will also bring restoration among your family and friends.
Photo taken from here.
Concept taken from here.

March 15, 2011

Alphabetical Questionnaire.

I am taking full advantage of Spring BREAK. I haven't done much work, although I have midterms and lab reports due next week. Rochelle from Rochelle Approved posted this fun little questionnaire last week and I wanted to participate. You know... since I'm on break and all. ツ

A. Age: 23
B. Bed size: Queen at home; twin at school.
C. Chore you hate: Washing pots
D. Dogs: I’ve never owned a pet.

E. Essential start to your day: Devotion! Prayer and reading a passage of scripture from the Bible.

F. Favorite color: Various shades of green. I like other colors too, but I wouldn’t say they’re my favorite.

G. Gold or silver: Gold. I think it compliments my skin tone the best.

H. Height: 5’7”-ish
I. Instruments you play: In middle school, I played the clarinet. I would love to take that up again… seriously.

J. Job title: Student, soon to be Research Scientist I or II (I hope!).
K. Kids: None

L. Live: in Philadelphia, PA. Currently residing in Connecticut for graduate school.

M. Mom’s name: Bev
N. Nicknames: Gel, Jelly beans, Persimmon (Percy), and Beaker (Beaks).

O. Overnight hospital stays: I don’t think I have stayed overnight in a hospital.
P. Pet peeve: Pre-mature anger and exaggerated sneezes, among others.

Q. Quote from a movie: It’s really hard to pick just one favorite movie quote. Luckily, I’ve been harvesting movie quotes for a few years now. Here is one of my faves: "I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is" -Forest Gump-

R. Righty or Lefty: Righty
S. Siblings: Two older sisters, named Opal and Dahlia.

T. Time you wake up: Around 8:30am.

U. Underwear: I used to wear an undershirt (camisole/tank top) with every outfit, even in the summer heat.

V. Vegetable you dislike: Asparagus and okra.

W. What makes you run late: Hair mishaps and waiting until the last minute to shower and get dressed.

X. X-rays you’ve had: Breast (ultrasound).
Y. Yummy food you make: I make a lot of yummy foods. Specifically, my shrimp fettucine alfredo and pan seared pork chops are really yummy.

Z. Zoo animal favorite: Pandas, peacocks, elephants, tapirs, and any primate species.

**All but two photos are from here. Others are my own.**

March 9, 2011

Plans for the Summer!

That's me! ... and my neurobio professor in lab last year (2010). (Source)
I am pretty darn excited for this summer!
{No! Not for the disgustingly humid city weather...}
I am excited because I have been on my grind lately, trying to find a research or laboratory internship and it's all coming together!
My interest in a career in the research and development field (R&D) sparked at the latter end of my sophomore year in college. I realized that med school was not what I wanted after all. I liked working in the lab more than anything and I actually looked forward to going to lab every week. Whether it was dissecting rabbit muscles, trying to develop a vaccine against Staph aureus, or harvesting neurons from fetal rats, I loved every bit of it.
Now, for this summer, I have chosen to directly contact a few researchers to petition a summer internship in their lab. Preferably, I would like to have a paid internship. However, I desire to gain experience more than anything, so I have also petitioned for volunteer positions (with hopes of finding a little part-time gig to save up for my second year of grad school). I strongly believe that any position will help me to refine the skills I've gained during my undergraduate career and teach me new ones. With Philly as my 'permanent home', I have a wide variety of research organizations (i.e. GSK, FCCC, Wistar Institute, etc.) and universities (i.e. Drexel, Temple, UPenn, PCOM etc) in range that I can work with.
I have my first interview next week!
Photo sharing: Drew U surely brought out the science lover in me! Enjoy these pics...
Ferns grown from tiny spores (freshman year).
Dissecting bunnies (sophomore year).
DNA fragmented by agarose gel electrophoresis (junior year).
DAPI-stained DNA microtubules during interphase (junior year).

Anatomy & Physiology lab (junior year).
The effects of glutamate cytotoxicity on neurons (senior year).
Trip to the Bronx Zoo (sophomore year).
**All photos are my own**

March 4, 2011

Video of the Day

I remember watching this portion of the People's Choice awards in 2009 and thinking "Wow!"... Now, everytime this song plays via my iTunes, I think back to my first time hearing this song, and this performance.... Watch!...

"I Know You Won't"
by Carrie Underwood
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