March 8, 2015

#DearMe: Advice For My Younger Self


Study, study, study. You can't always get by on being the "smart one" in class. Develop better studying habits. You'll need it in college.

Love yourself. This is something you will struggle with for a good portion of your life, but maybe if you start working on it now, you will build some sort of foundation that will get stronger over the years.

Forgive. Forgive your mother for all the hurt. Be more forgiving of your own mistakes.

There is something special about you. You are kind-hearted and sweet. You have a gentle spirit and many people you encounter in life will notice that about you, though you will think nothing of it. You will find favor with many people.  Don't take it for granted. Embrace it. Continue on in that sweet loving way. There are many things that you will encounter in life that will try to rob you of that joy and sweetness, but it will not leave. It is a part of you. It is your core.

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