About Me

Hello! I'm Jhan.
I am a twenty-something year old newlywed.  
We got married on 11/24/2012!

I am a lover of: God...Jesus Christ to be exact. My husband (referred to as "beau" throughout my blog)♥. Science+ Research+ Medicine+. Cupcakes.  Scenic Photographs. Wearing dresses and feeling completely feminine. Ice Cream. Laughing. Music. Blogosphere.  

I desire to: help in finding a cure to cancer or any other infectious disease. 

Sometimes, I have a quiet demeanor.  And oftentimes, I am extremely self-conscious. 

I am just me. I try to place my whole being into words, but fail to. It may be because I am still trying to figure myself. It may also be that words are just not enough to describe an entity. As humans, we are constantly changing, constantly learning, and constantly growing. I guess that is just who I am... ever changing and ever growing. It's pretty hard to put a single title on that.
This is my personal blog. All opinions expressed here are my own. All photos are mine unless otherwise stated, . Please feel free to use any content you'd like as long as you include my blog as the source.
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