April 15, 2013

The Weekend: Food Truck Mania

On Saturday, Beau and I ventured out to Main Street in Manayunk for their Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival. This event was a kickoff to their restaurant week (April 14-26th). As mentioned in a previous post, I love Manayunk because that is where I snagged my first job towards the end of high school.  Manayunk is still a part of Philadelphia, but it's so quaint and small--with little shops and restaurants lining a couple blocks-- it feels like its own town.

SAM_7346 flower Collage Fruit Jewelry
Gourmet food trucks and stands with different cuisines set up shop along Main street for a couple hours that day, serving up their most popular meals. Strawberries were the key ingredient for the event, so we found many vendors with that ingredient incorporated into their meals... Like the strawberry lemonade cupcake I devoured  in the most unattractive way. haha.

SAM_7332 SAM_7330 SAM_7338 SAM_7404 SAM_7373 SAM_7376

I could not believe how many people actually came out to the event. The streets were packed with families and friends just hanging out. The lines were super long. Everything smelled great and I'm sure they tasted even better because many things were sold out by the time we got to some trucks.
//this cow curd truck was the most popular. The line was crazy long!
SAM_7385 SAM_7380 SAM_7383 SAM_7391 SAM_7393 SAM_7397 SAM_7400

Overall... a great, people packed time. It was a beautiful day, too!

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