April 12, 2013

Baby Voice

I have always been soft spoken. As a child, I apparently had an annoyingly whiney voice, comparable to Edith Bunker (or so said my mom and sister). I always thought I would grow out of it, and actually felt as though I did. Alas, I am constantly reminded by some soul that this voice of mine is still very small.

Earlier in the week, after a short presentation I did I at church, a little boy came up to me (he could not have been more than 10 yrs old) and said "You have the cutest little baby voice". My self-esteem sky-rocketed after that... Really, it did. -__-

I admit it's a little frustrating at times. Not being heard or not taken seriously. Apparently when I yell in anger, that's when I'm actually speaking at a normal, audible tone. Some people often struggle to hear me when I speak. This makes me wonder:

- Am I not being taken seriously at some interviews? I actually speak more sternly during interviews than I do in general. But that 'stern voice' is also what I used during my presentation the other day. What does that say?

- Am I to fake a voice with more bass in it until it sticks? That sounds just all types of wrong. 

- Or, do I accept what I've got? I've always hated my voice. But beau loves it, and I have had many a people take me seriously when I speak. So what does that say?

Such is life, I guess. 

I know blogosphere doesn't allow for us to hear a person's voice, unless that person also makes videos. But what do you think of my voice? (I can't believe I'm actually asking you guys this) Below is a video I made for a class I had a couple years ago. My voice can be heard asking the questions. Let me know what you think? Do you believe the way a person's voice sounds takes away from their personal attributes? 

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