April 23, 2013

The Weekend: Teen Talent


// Saturday was a beautifully sunny day. That sun was deceiving, however, because I found myself shivering with every gust of wind. Beau and I left super early that morning to head out to Mechanicsburg, PA to support the youth from our church at their Teen Talent competition. (Here begins the bad quality photos -- I apologize in advance)

SAM_7780  SAM_7686

//Teen Talent is a competition that the Pennsylvania Church of God has to showcase the talent our teens have. Talents are showcased in categories of art, music and drama. It was a beautiful intimate setting where we were allowed to experience all that the Lord has blessed our future generations with.

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// The teens from our church participated in various areas. We had a good workout that day traveling back and forth between the room for music presentations and the one for the drama  to cheer on our church. In my opinion, the two skits above were the most compelling to me. (The top is from another church. The bottom two are from my church). They both shared similarities regarding being bound by the chains of sin and the crazy whirlwind we face trying to get out of it. But, our Saviour is always there to take us back.


// Our church began participating in Teen talent when I began college, so I never had a chance to participate, but it seemed like such fun.I always enjoy hearing new music, and it was great seeing the creativity and talent that many other teens had, especially in the drama realm. I would probably die of utter anxiety being in front of  people I don't know, so I applaud them for their courage.


// We came home with a number of trophies, which is customary for our teens, I suppose. It was a long, tiring day, but I enjoyed the day trip. We drove through Lancaster County full of tons of dairy farms, cute cows and horses, hotels without wifi and cable (gotta love the Amish), and breathed a good amount of country air. SAM_7603-001

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