April 30, 2013

The Weekend: Thriftin'


Beau and I decided to skip the people-packed events downtown for a quiet, easy going Saturday at a thrift store in our neighboring township.

collage 1
// this is really random, but I were to have a baby boy, that sailboat would have had to come home with us. Also, how cool is that butter churner??

This was my second time ever going to a thrift shop, and I have to say that I enjoyed it more this time around -- having a new home and all. We haven't begun decorating our home yet, so our place is still an open canvas. One major item that I had my eye out for is a large mirror for our living room. I spotted a beautiful, rustic one as soon as we entered the store, but there was a lady guarding it terribly once I pointed it out to beau. [enter my sad face here]

  collage 2-001
//devising a plan on how to possess more music, I’m sure

What also made this thrift shop trip more enjoyable was having an idea of what I was looking for clothes-wise. My closets are full of clothes, so beau would actually cosign that I don't need anymore, but I have been wanting to change up my wardrobe for a while now. I am was the kind of person to purchase something because it fit and was on sale. As I now struggle to find something to wear every time I go to get myself ready, I become absolutely annoyed with the clothes in my wardrobe-- many of which still have price tags on them. -- I will post more about my personal styling woes later. Going to the clothing section of the thrift store, I knew that I wanted simple dresses and simple skirts (My favorite things to wear). I ended up finding two dresses that I absolutely adored. That yellow dress complements my dark skin very well and with the removal of the shoulder pads, the addition of a knee length slip, maybe a little hemming and some killer heels, this dress will be my new favorite thing to wear to church once it warms up. I also picked up a basic black midi dress.

collage 4-002
//really, really excited about these finds

Beau also found something he liked (one I was secretly hoping wouldn't make it into our house ...we all have those moments). He picked up a wooden shelf to store his tens and thousands of cassette tapes and maybe some other audio-visual things. He's a 'music-head', so he has a ton of music.  I have yet to see the potential in this thing, but he's so excited about it, and it's now sitting in our tiny closet/library (aka 3rd bedroom), so I might as well get used to it.

collage 5-003
//just look at that face! He was so happy! Also, I’m not quite sure my neighbor was pleased about being a part of this photo

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