April 26, 2013

Life Lately


Married Life.
Marriage is great. Although it doesn't out-right feel like it, there is still an adjustment taking place. We are still learning each other and trying to communicate effectively. All of that may take some time, but it’s all good. I am still learning from Beau. Some of the same lessons are being thrown at me over and over again, but it’s just that we think differently. I am a worry-wart. He’s the calm one. I am almost always reminded of this. One day it will stick.

I got a gym membership. In a way, I felt guilty for wanting it because beau has so much on his plate financially. But the home bodyweight exercises (via BodyRockTV and AmandaRussell) were not working for me anymore. I kept losing motivation -- especially when it got hard. And it was hard for me to keep up. I have been pretty diligent with the gym since the membership was confirmed. I would feel awful if I let our money go to waste, especially since we could really use every bit we have. I started doing the Run5k program -- for the umpteenth time and I've finally made it to week 2! I’m not really trying to run a real 5k, I am just trying to have a healthy heart and work towards something that I have never been able to do before. I hope I am able to stick with it. I used to fear running on the treadmill, but it’s not half bad.

Meal Plans.
I tried creating a meal plan this week, and I love it. This week we can forgo this dialogue beau and I have constantly :
Me: I don’t know what to make for dinner tomorrow. Any suggestions?
Beau: No. Whatever you make, I’m sure it will be good.
That is never the response I want, but it is always the one I get. Here’s to having none of that this week, or ever if I continue with making meal plans!

I have been more and more unimpressed with my photographs lately. Not that they were ever like photojournalistic quality-- or ever will be-- but they’re just so lackluster. I have a wonderful wishlist of fancy DSLRs I would like to have… one day.

Job Hunting.
Same ol’.  Same ol’. As I approach the one year mark of graduating with my Master’s degree, I have a mix of emotions concerning this whole unemployment bit I had to face. It’s bittersweet. I am currently allowing it to be sweet because I’m sure that once I begin working full-time, I will be begging for a day, or month off. I also try not to worry, because I know it will come just like it did for Syd. I too felt like all the jobs I have applied for were being karate-blocked (no, seriously-- that is the perfect description), but I have faith.

The Weekend.
We don’t have any set-in-stone plans for the weekend. There will be a street fair on Broad Street on Saturday, and it’s also the weekend for Penn Relays. Penn Relays is something I have always wanted to experience. Track & field is something Jamaicans excel at, and our people are always out at Penn Relays in good numbers, but I don’t think this will be my year to attend. We may keep it low-key this weekend and just rest.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! 

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