March 5, 2013

A New Appreciation for Weekends

Around this time last year, I expressed my sincerest appreciation for weekends as a relief from the stressfulness of grad school. This year, I have a new appreciation for weekends, and it comes in the form of a husband who loves food and enjoys being in the kitchen. Yes! Beau is a 'foodie' and has taken on the wonderful responsibility of preparing Sunday (and general weekend) dinners for us. 

This is all such a relief. I usually prepare meals throughout the week, so to have Beau volunteer to accept the baton for meal preparation on the weekends, gives me a well appreciated break from the kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy cooking for us, but being in the kitchen does not give me as much joy as it would a person who genuinely loves to cook. I have to admit though, I think beau is trying to fatten me up (what with his cheesy baked mac & cheese and melt in your mouth crock pot chicken), but I can't complain... especially when he also volunteers to do the dishes. 

**swoon. faint**

This is love.

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