March 7, 2013

Nikon Small World Exhibit

Nerd alert. This post is science related. But, if you like beautiful images, you may enjoy it. 

After an interview in University City (an area of Philadelphia that houses University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and University of the Sciences) a couple of  weeks ago, I visited the Wistar Institute to take a look at the winning images in the Nikon Small World Exhibit. This exhibit is a photomicrography competition where individuals can submit beautiful microscopic images of just about anything they view during their research studies.

As a person who loves all types of photography, this seems like it's something up my alley in terms of interest. The images that won the competition were all stunning. They ranged from images of the minutest things like DNA to ant larvae. I sure wish I had an electron microscope and camera (and you know, a scientific research lab) just lying around my house to take images like these.
Btw, my photos of the exhibit doesn't do the images much justice, as they truly are beautiful. You can visit the official website to get a better view of the photos in the exhibit I went to and winners of the previous exhibits here.

This was my favorite image: bat embryos at different stages of development!! (Pity it got last place).  This was my second favorite: ant carrying its larva.

NOTE: The Nikon Small World Exhibit ran through March 3 at the Wistar Institute in Philly. I know. I know. This post is way overdue. I meant to post it earlier, but kept putting it off until it was obviously too late.

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