February 27, 2012

Appreciation for Weekends

What a difference a weekend makes. Seriously! Just Friday evening I was highly stressed about life and school. 2 exams this week. Getting headaches during class lectures. Not being able to comprehend anything in class, and performing experiments in lab just because the procedures were previously outlined. I felt lost.. I felt as though there was an even deeper level of feeling lost. I only have a few months of school left, but if it were not for that promise, I don't know how I would make out.

I now completely understand why many who want to pursue higher degrees take a few years off from school. The constant drill of information being poured into your head and the need to regurgitate it at a specific time is nauseating. Absolutely. Positively.
(I feel like this is right on!-- sometimes)

This weekend, I did some schoolwork, but in my own time. I enjoyed to 2 days of not feeling obligated to do much and I think that helped me a lot. I no longer feel overwhelmed, and I hope that feeling is carried throughout this week (and the remainder of the semester). 

I never thought I would get to this point of feeling so drained, stressed and overwhelmed with graduate school. But I guess things like this sneak up on you sometimes.
Today, I declare my sincere appreciation for weekends.

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