March 20, 2013

On Spring and Other Things

 It’s Spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.
//Rainer Maria Rilke

Winter lasted for what felt like an eternity. Maybe because of the seemingly endless bouts of cold, rainy days. Or, because this has been my first winter spent outside of school in 6 years. Whatever it was, I’m glad it has ended and will be followed by a shifting in the air... budding flowers, warm sun, cool breeze and refreshing rain.

On another note: I was reading a post on blog evolution yesterday and this question was asked:  What do you do when you feel the direction of your blog and your voice changing? Do you just go with the flow or start all over? I personally believe that an evolution in our blogging voice should be embraced.  I’ll use myself as an example-- When I started this blog, my writings were a hodgepodge of different things that came to mind at the time. I was in my final weeks of undergrad and desired an outlet to voice opinions and share things not related to school. I wrote about anything from celebrity crushes to random things found in my childhood room at home. Since then, I've experienced moving to a new state, graduate school, engagement, hardships, graduating with a Master’s degree, marriage, and unemployment. Why would I want to give up on all of that because I have a ‘new voice’? It is more than likely that my new voice stemmed from all the wisdom I have gained through those experiences. So I believe it’s important to hold on to previous posts.

Now to be completely honest, when I look back on the complete and utter randomness of my blog posts throughout 2010, I wince a little and consider taking them down but keeping them there is all part of the fun. It’s nice seeing where I came from. How my thoughts and concerns changed and how much I have grown in just 3 years time. I enjoy reading those kinds of posts from other bloggers as well.

What do you think? If you feel your blog evolving or your voice changing, will you go with the flow or start fresh? 

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