March 18, 2013

This weekend

Our weekends have been so low-key and uneventful. Lately, there hasn't been much leeway to do many of the things we like. That, and beau is overworked and super tired by the end of the week, so we just settle for the low-key weekends at home. There's nothing wrong with that sometimes, you know? But I long to venture out a little more like browsing through thrift shops, having dinner date in another town, or even going for a walk in a park somewhere.  Hopefully when it get's warmer we will at least be able to go for walks by Kelly Drive and Penn's Landing. -- Seriously, what's with this dreary weather, Philly? Saturday, it rained, snowed, hailed and thundered!  -- For now, I just dream, plan and enjoy what comes our way.

Thursday evening, Beau surprised me with roses and cupcakes. I love when he does this because it shows that his courtship has not gone out the door after marriage. We spent that evening enjoying chicken fajitas and each others company.

My Fridays are usually spent cleaning. I find that it's more convenient  to clean our home that day in the event that something comes up for the weekend (mainly Saturday). It also makes for that feeling of pride and satisfaction when everything is spotless. Later Friday evening, we ventured off to church for a tarrying service and I witnessed something I have never seen in my life. I won't go into detail here, but I will just say that spiritual warfare is real.

//4 photos taken over the weekend superimposed on each other using Picasa's collage option. //

Saturday morning I woke up before sunrise to attend a prayer breakfast. Beau stayed home to rest and later met up with a friend (our groomsman) for some guy-time. That's something he's been wanting since we were dating and even  now that he's married -- a guy friend of a same mindset  to converse with and relate to. I admit that we all need that. Married or not, we all desire camaraderie between ourselves and other individuals. I am glad he  got that opportunity. Later next month, we'll be hanging out with that same guy, his wife and a few other young married couples for more fellowship. Although I'm scared half to death of being social, I'm actually looking forward to it as I'm sure that I will find that time refreshing and fulfilling.

We finished off the weekend with lots of naps and church services on Sunday.
Not really as uneventful as I made it seem.

** Oh, and of course, I was plagued with the onset of a cold from Mr. Brawny exhaler (or maybe the hundred or so other people I crossed paths with last week . See, I have reason to be a germaphobe! **

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