April 21, 2011

Spring Has Finally Sprung

Although southern Connecticut is only about 200 miles north of Philadelphia, I couldn't help but think that the weather pattern here will be a little different than it is there. After all, there was about 3+ feet of snow on the ground here when I returned from winter break. When I left home, I was able to see the grass, but there were hardly any visible sidewalks here. So, when mid-April rolled around and I had not spotted any flowers, or budding leaves on the trees, I accepted the fact that this might not happen until early May. Every day, I looked at the trees wondering when I would see a spot of green, and FINALLY, it's here! It's funny how one day, they are completely bare, and the next... they are covered in little specks of greenery. In another day or so, they may become fully flourished in big Norway Maple, oak or birch leaves! I can't wait.

We have also had some wonderfully noisy birds using the little shaded area in front of my kitchen window as their rest area for the last two weeks now. With the blinds closed and my camera in hand, I was able to snap some pics without startling them. They are quite beautiful. Like the nerd I am, I googled 'birds in Connecticut by color' to figure out what species they were. This nifty little website led me to the conclusion that they are the Common Rosefinch. I even matched their calls (from what I hear on a daily basis) to the recording online and I am absolutely positive that it is the rosefinch.

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