April 8, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Meeee! ... I am! Well.... I did.

For a few months now, one of the women at church has been inviting me to do something with her. We went out to dinner at Friendly's in the Fall and it was good time for the both of us because she's much older and her husband has passed away and I just needed to get out and do something because I was new to this state and had no friends.

After several mentions of meeting up to go out to dinner again, going to a museum, or just meeting up for coffee (which I don't drink, by the way), she finally settled on inviting me over for dinner today. She also invited another lady, Christine, who is a new believer attending our church, and an old friend, Barbara. Dinner was surprisingly good... oven friend chicken, sweet potato, carrots & broccoli and pistachio cake for dessert. Yum!


I found it very easy to communicate with all three women, despite the age difference (30+ years my senior). We each talked about how we came to know Christ, and I guess where we are in life. A lot of questions were directed to me such as "How is your boyfriend?"; "What are you studying in school?" "Oh, wow. What made you interested in oncology/cancer research?" I shared my story and told them about the progression of my interest in research and just wanting to work in the laboratory field. Donna, the woman who invited me for dinner, made mention that she was quite happy that I came to dinner because the Lord had spoken to her and said for her to invite me, so I was pretty happy. All my talk of science, research and illness then caused Christine to want to open up about her life. She is struggling with a disease that she's had for 19 years now, and she felt the need to share it with us. That prompted Barbara to also discuss a similar disease her husband faced. There was so much openness and sharing, coupled with testimonies of the goodness of God and the saving grace of Jesus Christ that it was just refreshing to be there among them. Christine was even more open about her family's struggles with different addictions and her desire to want to help them so badly, that it just brought about a prayer meeting.

We ended the night in prayer for everyone there. I am still ever grateful to have met such wonderful people at my church home in CT.

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