April 16, 2011

I Enjoy Blogging

Finally! I have a response to the commonly asked question: "So, what do you do for fun?" or "what are your hobbies?". I hated getting asked those question when meeting new people (especially guys--pre my beau, of course), because I never had an answer.

[Sidenote: As I child and throughout my teenage years, I did not go out much, and was very much a 'house potato'. Not because I was lazy, but because that is how I grew up... sheltered and shy. I never really went anywhere except school, home, and church... for the most part. These days, my mom STILL pushes me to go out and do something. If I was home for one full day, she will either try to convince me to go somewhere with a friend, or she will ask me to run and errand for her. That way, it would be a win:win situation for herself and my sanity... I guess.]

These days, I can proudly say that blogging IS my hobby. It's what makes me tick. Blogging is something I look forward to, unlike many other daily tasks. Not just writing blogs, but reading them as well. Learning about other people from all over the world, relating with what others have experienced, and getting great fashion ideas from IFBs.

[Sidenote #2: I love my readers.... regardless of how few. From the faithful friends (Malinda and Aja) and my beau from back home in Philadelphia, to Magda in Canada, Didi in Ghana, Shareena in Finland, and the other random visitors that stop by from various other countries around the world. I am amazed to see the melting pot of visitors I have had come to my site).

Map of recent visitors

I enjoy blogging and would love to blog more often, especially since I have more time on my hands than the average graduate student (during this particular semester). I am thinking of developing my own weekly features that I could adhere to. I tried adapting "10 things I learnt this weekend", "Things I Love Thursdays" and even considered "Awkward and Awesome Thursdays" and "Fill In The Blank Fridays", but I would like something more authentic; more... me. Something that I would look forward to doing every week. I may have to brainstorm about this some more.

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