August 30, 2010

10 Things I learnt this weekend

1. I can drive from Philadelphia to Hamden, CT on my own. Highway driving is not half bad. It can get pretty boring though.
2.I can pack my life into a little Toyota Corolla if I leave a couple pairs of shoes and some clothes behind.
3. Unlike Philly, Connecticut can be 90 degrees during the day and drop down to 63 degrees at night.
4. For every suburb, there is a 'hood. (lol)
5. Pentecostal churches don't always have to be about jumping around and screaming and such.
6. My apartment really is like a 3 minute drive from campus. I didn't REALLY need a car to be here.
7. You can go shopping in Walmart so often in the span of 3 days that the workers will recognize you on that third day.
8. I thought I wouldn't really need a TV in this apartment... that was a lie!
9. Certain people refuse to visit me if I get a pet rat.
10. Drew University freshman biology courses have had such an impact on me that I want to find out which trees are native to CT.

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