August 7, 2010

Jamaica -- Day 4 (July 30, 2010)

- I choked on the product of my OFF insect repellent today. It was either that or would have to suffer about 20 more bites. So, I’m quite glad that I didn’t spare the spray today.

- (2:15pm) I went to the bank and exchanged $170 US dollars. I received $14, 018.00. I wish I had that amount in US dollars, but I’ll live. Hopefully that’s enough to go on the “adventure” around the island with Paula and her friends tomorrow… (Also to buy myself a dress--- It is an unwritten—until now—goal of mine to purchase a dress from whatever country I visit. I know that when we went to Susie’s the other night, the sum of our bill was a little over $13,000, so I’m kind of nervous. That bill was between 6 persons though… Well, 5 because 2 of the girls shared a slice of cake. I guess in all, the bill included: two smoked marlin sandwiches; 3 slices of cake, 2 drinks per person * 4 persons who ordered drinks= 8; and a bottle of water.

- Anyhoo, it’s pretty hot today. For the first time, I’m sitting in this house (with large, open window ‘mind you) and I’m sweating balls. The clouds just rolled in though, so I’m sure it’s about to rain. Hopefully it gets cooler afterwards.

- It rained… a lot!... and definitely became cooler. We went to the clothing store, Emanuelle, to look at their dresses. I found the one that I saw in the window and tried it on. It was REALLY cute on, but the price was kind of ridiculous! $4800 Jamaican dollars!... That’s approximately $55 US dollars for a Forever 21-like dress, but with the Irie-like colors. I just wanted a dress that was black, red, yellow and green.

- Before going to Emanuelle, we also stopped by a pastry shop: Sugar and Spice. I got a ‘palmier’, a flaky pastry covered in sugar. Paula suggested it. It was okay, just a little too sweet.

- In the evening, I attended a play starring Oliver Samuels entitled “Puppy Love”. I was excited to be an audience member of an Oliver Samuels play , especially since I’ve seen this man on DVDs and VHSs since I was younger. The play was good for the most part… really funny.

- After the play, we went on an everlasting drive to the summer house of a family friend in Red Hills to join them for a fish fry went fishing and caught a surplus of fish so they cooked them up all with bammy and festivals. Although the food looked delicious, I could not imagine putting anything else in my mouth for the day claiming that I was “eating”. While at their house, I noticed the wicked view they had overlooking the city especially since they lived on a hilltop. The hosts were excited to allow me to take pics of the view from the deck. They even invited us to the deck on the third floor which had an even better view. I got a few pics (not the greatest quality). We finally left and didn’t get back home until after 1am keeping in mind that we didn’t have much time to sleep. We had to wake up 5 hours later to leave for our day trip.

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