August 9, 2010

Jamaica -- Day 5 (July 31, 2010)

- We started the morning off with family devotion. That lasted for quite a while and I could see Paula getting antsy. :-)

- Paula and I left for our day trip around 9am. We picked up her two high school friends, Cara and Kris, and Cara's cute little puppy and went on our way.

- We drove along the North Coast of Jamaica and passed a lot of towns. The scenery was great. I took sooo many pics of the landscape, it was kind of unnecessary. The picture taking ceased to record our EPIC drive over Flat Bridge. [Flat Bridge is a small, one lane bridge built across Rio Cobre. It has no sides/railings etc., so it is advised that drivers take precaution while crossing the bridge. Flat bridge supposdely connects Kingston to Ocho Rios/Dunn's River Falls/Dolphin Cove and all the other popular tourists sites in that area.] So, we drove over Flat bridge will chanting "flat bridge virgins". Well, I kinda squealed during that process... I was terribly frightened, but we made it over.

Flat Bridge, Jamaica

- After Flat bridge, we made it through a couple more towns and the famous Fern Gully. FERNS EVERYWHERE!! It was beautiful! I only got one pic of it... not the best quality, but it'll do.

Fern Gully

- We finally made it to Dunn's River Falls in the early afternoon hour. Paula and I climbed the falls alone b/c we couldn't take mister cutie puppy with us. :-\ 'Twas fun. I swore Dunn's River had a death wish for me, b/c I kept tripping and falling all over the place. One of the tour guides said to me, jokingly, at one point "NO DIVING" when I almost went face first down into the water (that would've been disatrous and bloody, btw). I took a few pics once we were out and then continued on our trip around Jamaica.

Dunns River Falls

Me @ Dunns River

- It was an everlasting drive from Ocho Rios to Montego Bay... not to mention to Negril (our final planned destination)! I know when I told Paula that the sign said we were 27 kilometers from Negril, she did not hesitate to step on the gas and we got there in no time. We were supposed to meet up with a few of Paula's friends in Negril, but they magically were not available once we arrived. We did get to see a friend from Drew U, however....... JESSICAAAAA!!..... Love her! Not much time was spent with her b/c she had to get to the ATI Daydreams party. (That weekend, July 30 - August 2, was the biggest party weekend for Jamaicans. Pay for a "party band" and you could get into up to seven parties with food and drinks all inclusive). The crowd outside of the party was ridiculous!... After getting beat up my the falls and driving through the crazy traffic by Negril's parties, I had an intense headache and was ready to go someplace quiet.

Driving by Daydreams

- Our last stop for the evening was a little cafe over looking the waters of Negril: Ev'rytyme Café.

These are some of the pics from their page (It was way too dark to take decent pics of the cafe (long story):

Here are some of my pics:

- We drove back home on the south coast (yes, I can officially say I drove around the island of Jamaica in ONE day). The roads were bad and I feared my life. Also, that headache from earlier was still there and it was kind of worse than it was before, so I slept the entire time. I really enjoyed the trip though.

Sun setting over Negril

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