August 6, 2010

Jamaica -- Day 3 (July 29, 2010)

- It is now 11:45am and I haven’t done anything yet today…. And I’m perfectly fine with it.

- I have a monster of a pimple on my chin! It is so huge and actually kind of embarrassing. I forgot my prescribed acne gel at home so that explains its grand appearance. If you look closely at my the pics taken at Susie’s last night, you could actually see it. Anyhoo…

- I was supposed to go to a number of places with Paula today but that didn’t happen. Since I felt sleep deprived once again around 2pm, I took a nap. When I woke up, Paula and I went to Devon House. We only stopped by the ice cream shop (which was really crowded, btw) to get some ice cream. It was really yummy and extremely creamy… kind of like Cold Stone Creamery’s ice cream…. But, better!

Devon House I Scream

- I took a few pics in front of Devon House and the fountain outside. A little boy stepped into my photo taking session by Devon House and asked Paula "Are you a rasta?" (LOL... He probs thought she was because of her sister locs). She responded 'no' and asked him if he was a rasta himself and he said "yes".... Kids... :-)Devon House

- Today, we tried to contact my father but the presumed hotel in which I thought he worked said they didn’t know of any staff there by that name. Turns out, he works for JUTA Tour Bus Company . These taxis shuttles people from the airport to the hotels and various other locations. We’ll try contacting him at that company tomorrow.

- Around midnight, Paula, her friend Cara and I went to two night clubs. The first was club Privilege. It looked more like a lounge than club. No one danced. The girls just stood there looking/being stoosh. (lol) The second club, club Fiction, was more crowded and the people were actually dancing. Around 3am, I had my share of “clubbin’” and decided I was ready to leave.
Us @ Club Privilege
Me @ Club Fiction

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