August 4, 2010

Jamaica -- Day 1 (July 27, 2010)

-- I waited til the last minute to pack, give myself a pedicure and upload recent pics of my love to my iPod, so I didn't get to bed until 2:30am. I slept for an hour and had to wake up in time to make it to the airport for my 6am flight. I had a 4.5 hour lay over in Miami. It wasn't fun but it went by pretty fast. Just my luck though, I ended up sitting b/w some woman openly breast-feeding her one year old saying "eh! Suck titty" whenever the kid seemed to get restless and Creeper McCreeperson guy who stared at me without blinking when I first walked down to the gate.

-- I was at immigration/customs in the airport for about an hour because I didn't know the address of my friend, Paula's, house ... I was finally rescued!

-- Rode from the airport and got a mini tour of East Kingston. The hills in the background were beautiful. I snapped many photos as we drove by. My friend's house is lovely: big, spacious and private. We didn't do much the first day b/c I was incredibly tired... Just watched movies and hung out. Later in the evening (it got dark really early), we went for a drive to the supermarket. I saw SO MANY PEOPLE!! Definitely more than I saw during the day. I guess we were just on another side of town. This late evening drive is what made me think that this is not the Jamaica that I remember. Then again, I was only 7 yrs old when I left so I definitely could have seen things differently then. I don't know, the streets were just crowded and the buses were full as people made their way home from a hard days work. :-/ Many areas looked impoverished but I'm sure the people were alright with it and very much happy. I guess it's an eye-opening experience and I count my blessings. Here are some pics from the drive home from the airport:

-- On the drive back home from the supermarket, the full moon was beautiful as it rested behind the hills. It was quite a sight. Sadly, I didn't carry my camera with me to take pictures.

-- that was basically the first day in a nutshell.

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