August 9, 2010

Jamaica -- Day 7 -- Part 2 (August 2, 2010)

-- It's my last full day in Jamaica. It's a national holiday-- Emancipation Day. Pretty much everything was closed.

-- After meeting with my father, I quickly got dressed to venture out for the day. The first stop was at the Little Theater in Kingston, for the Michael Manley Award for Community Self-Reliance Program. They presented an award to the group who they believed has helped the community grow immensely.

-- Cafe Blue in Blue Mountain was the next stop, but we stopped before to take pics by the Bob Marley Statue. Paula said she has never fully taken advantage of the Bob Marley Museum and things like that since she lives so close to all of it.

-- We finally ventured up to Blue Mountain. It was a good 30-40 minute drive up the winding streets leading to the top of the mountain. I don't usually experience motion sickness, but I felt a little sick experiencing a turn in the road every 10 seconds or so, looking down on the lower level of the mountain and having people on the other side of the street almost crash into us several times after driving down the mountain like speed demons.... Yet, I continued to look out the window to capture pictures and videos of the drive. I told Paula and her mom that I was on the verge of having a mini heart attack. They suggested closing my eyes... Haha... I opted to keep them open to take more pics.

-- We took a little detour and went further up the mountains (past Cafe Blue) to a private-looking resort to take pictures of the landscape. The resort/hotel area was beautiful and had a great view. Since I'm afraid of heights (Don't ask how this is possible when I will ride EVERY roller coaster known to man), I walked very slowly to the edge of the mountain to capture some shots of the view.

-- I also have a video from that resort area:

-- Back at Cafe Blue, we ordered dessert and teas. It was pretty good. On our way back down, we picked up a lady and what seemed like her grand-daughter to bring them to town since it was a National Holiday and the buses were not running regularly.

-- I swear I was as nervous driving back down the hill as I was going up. Geesh, it was terrifying! We stopped half-way down though to buy mangoes and ackee from a sidewalk seller. This guy kept looking back, waving and smiling at me constantly. It was a little strange. Paula's mom ordered 2 dozen ackees, 1 dozen number 11 mangoes and 1 dozen black mangoes (or whatever they were called).

-- This guy gave us the 2 dozen ackees and 1 dozen number 11 mangoes like she asked. But then he gave her an additional dozen black mangoes for free.
--After she paid him, he asked: "Are all these girls your daughters?"
-- Mrs Samuels: Yes, they are.
-- Street seller: "Dem look good still"
-- Mrs. Samuels: "Well, thank you"
-- Seller: "Yeh man. Mi wah dah one deh" (and pointed at me)
-- Mrs. Samuels: "Oh, you like dark skinned girls? Is that why you gave me so many mangoes?"
-- Paula: "That's why he kept waving and smiling at you, Jhan."

*Haha. I was mortified!* Here's a video of us driving down the hill when we stopped to buy from this guy. I stopped recording few seconds after we started talking to him because I didn't want him to think I was recording him.

-- When we got back into the city area, we stopped by the University of the West Indies and I got a tour of the campus.

-- Following the tour of UWI, we went to the University of Technology down the street and toured that campus and took a few pics in the Sculpture Garden.

-- That was it for adventures that day. I was hoping to meet up with Jess one more time, but I guess she was tired from the party weekend.

-- My father came back that evening for me to meet my sister, Fiona.

-- I packed and got prepared to leave the island in the morning.

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