September 23, 2011

The Scenic Route

I absolutely love when my GPS takes me through the back roads (during the daytime, only). Connecticut is such a treasure. Unlike Philadelphia where there are houses and buildings filling up every open space, there is a lot of land in this little New England state.

Take my current graduate house for example, and the street that it's on: There are tons of trees and big yards. It's kind of reminiscent of Jamaica, but not quite.

So far, my GPS has taken me through two gem routes. The first is in a little town called Naugatuck. After church one day, I decided to take a drive to Walmart. I was tired of the one in town because that's where all the college kids shop and there's never really anything there. So my little GPS took me to this one. The scenery by the store was absolutely breath-taking. The store sits on top of a winding hill that looks down on rest of the town. It was beautiful. Also, the drive back home was great. I felt like I was in another world almost. The trees hung over the roadways like a super long archway.

The second  route is actually located on the same street as my university. Once again, I was trying to get to another Walmart in Wallingford, CT when it was discovered.  (haha. what is it with me and Walmart?) The scenery begins once you pass the campus (understatement, b/c the campus is just as beautiful AND there is a national park/hiking trail right across the street from school). There is a heavily forested 2 mile drive that's beautiful during Autumn. There are a few houses scattered about, but they are hardly noticeable among the trees.

Sometimes, I want to pull the car over, whip out my camera and snap some photos. But there's usually no shoulders to do that. I have discovered a few cutouts large enough to fit a car, so when I feel adventurous one day, I'll go and do just that. ツ

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