September 29, 2011

To the lurkers among us:

Dear Lurker,

You! Yes, you! The family member, friend or stumble-upon reader who visits this blog page every once in a while. I know you're there. I know you exist. You come ever so often to lurk around (ever so subtly), read what's going on in my life and then leave without a comment or a hello.

Well, I'll like to extend a hearty hello to you. Thanks for visiting! Leave a comment some time. (I actually enjoy reading and responding to them). And won't you come on back and visit real soon! (I know you will, 'cause you're nosey like that -- haha. just kidding ... or maybe you won't because this post has scared you off...)

I guess I'm really trying to say that I acknowledge you, dearest lurkers, and I get it.
(I lurk sometimes too.)

Thanks for visiting now. ツ

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