September 20, 2011

It Takes An Army

"Breast cancer is not a man or woman's disease-- it's a family disease"
As an Army of Women (AOW) supporting blogger, I hoped to spread the word about this wonderful organization. Although this blog does not have hundreds of subscribers and tons of sponsors, my blog statistics show that I do get a wide range of visitors residing in various cities and countries around the world. I take that information as a great medium for sharing about AOW.

One of the primary goals of Army of Women is to gain 1 million volunteers to sign up with their organization. As a volunteer, you will be asked to participate in various research studies that all share the common goal of finding a cure for breast cancer. These research studies are not all geared towards those diagnosed with breast cancer. In fact, in order to find a cure, researchers also have to find a cause to prevent further occurrences and to decrease the burden of cancer on hard-hit ethnicities, age groups, and just our mothers, daughters, aunts, co-workers, best friends and husbands in general. {Yes, men ARE affected too}.

I honestly believe that this blog and the blogs of other supporting bloggers can help. As of today, AOW has only reached 1/3 of their goal of reaching an "army" of 1 million volunteers. They still have quite a ways to go. They can either reach their goal by having 1/3 of the US population signing up, or a few hundred thousand US citizens and another few hundred thousand foreign citizens joining to make that quota. The combinations of volunteers signing up to make that quota are endless.

So, if you are from anywhere in the world, and you happen to read, glance over, or browse this blog post, please sign up for the Love/Avon Army of Women.

You can find out more about their organization by reading previous posts here or by visiting their site:

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