September 21, 2011

Fall Semester

The fall semester is well underway, as it is now the fourth week of classes. I am enrolled in Pathophysiology, Histology lab and a Cellular and Molecular (protein based) lab. My classes are going well so far. As usual, there is that one class that just doesn't stand up to the rest... Histology. The class I wanted oh so badly, is now just a ball of regret every time Tuesday evenings roll around. I just find myself saying "If I weren't in this class, I could've gone to the Women's Bible Study at church this Fall". ha! I even considered switching courses the first week, but I could find another class that I was actually interested in taking, therefore I am deemed stuck with it.

Granted, histology should be an interesting class. I was actually super excited about it during the summer because I was learning a lot of histological techniques in the lab, but this class is nothing like what I experienced at FCCC. Also, it's a dry lab. (Trust me... no fun can come out of observing previously prepared slides under a microscope ALL SEMESTER LONG.) Also, the professor is a little dry. She seems pretty young. No, I'm not stating that age is directly correlated to experience, but she could use a little umph in her teaching. She is well versed in the subject and knows her stuff, but her powerpoint presentations consists of photos of slides, and her lecture is just her reading definitions and descriptions of different cell and tissue types from her little binder. I often find myself going nuts with all the thoughts of:
1) how bored I am and
2) how frustrating it is to take notes when the 3 types of connective tissue proper and their descriptions are being read explained to me at lightenting speed.

(Ok, I'm breathing now. I promise.)
I just wish it were more enjoyable.

Other than that, things are looking up. I'm almost 3/4 of the way done with my Masters. That is a feat on its own.

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