November 16, 2010


-- This is technically a "video of the day post", but I wanted to stick to its original title. The description below is taken from the original poster (it came along with the embedding code). I was so pleased to see this video a few days ago because the issue of shade in regards to skin color is definitely still something huge in our society today. I'm still hearing people say things like "That dark skinned girl...", or "that light skinned girl...."; or "Is she prettier than me even though I'm lighter than she is?". Even worst things than that.... like, "How did that dark-skinned Black girl get with that White guy?" and all sorts of ridiculous madness that upsets me beyond belief.

-- Honestly, I struggle with the issue of shade as well. My face is always darker than the rest of my body and it irks me to no end. I hate being out in the sun for too long for fear of becoming darker. I just think it's unsightly to have a ridiculously dark face and a lighter body. I guess we all have our insecurities, huh? I always knew that the shade of skin was an issue for a few other races, not just Blacks, and this video addresses that as well.

-- Watch this video and let me know what you guys think.

{Shadeism from Shadeism on Vimeo.}

Description: This short TV documentary is an introduction to the issue of shadeism, the discrimination that exists between the lighter-skinned and darker-skinned members of the same community. This documentary short looks specifically at how it affects young women within the African, Caribbean, and South Asian diasporas. Through the eyes and words of 5 young womyn and 1 little girl - all females of colour - the film takes us into the thoughts and experiences of each. Overall, 'Shadeism' explores where shadeism comes from, how it directly affects us as womyn of colour, and ultimately, begins to explore how we can move forward through dialogue and discussion.

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