November 5, 2010


What do you love and remember most about your grandmother? Is it that she read you bedtime stories when you spent the weekend at her house? Or, that she was always a little nicer that your parents were sometimes? Or, was it that she always seemed to have something sweet for you to eat when you came to visit?

I don't have any of these memories. That's because I never spent time with my grandmom. I did meet her once in my lifetime, however. I was about 11 yrs old. My mom was sent me to London, England to spend a month with my grandaunt and to visit on of the families that took care of me when I was just an infant in Jamaica. (sidebar: that was a lovely visit. The lady's name was Beverly, just like my mom. She told me stories about when I began learning to walk, talk and write. She said she had pictures of me back then, but never got around to finding them in the week that I spent with her.)

Anyhoo, back to my month in England. I think I went in August. The plan was to stay my grandaunt, but spend a week or so with my grandmother, and a bit of time with the lady, Beverly and her family as well. A few days before my departure for England, I remember my grandmother called and told my mom that I could no longer come to visit and stay with her for a week b/c she was going to a week long church convention and she wouldn't have time to care for me. That was a little disheartening, but my mom assured me that everything will be okay. So, I went to England, only with the intentions of staying with my grandaunt. I got to site see and things like that and my grandaunt fed me REALLY well. :-) I also fell in love with James Bond around that time and this British soap opera (I don't remember the name) b/c they had like a month long James Bond Marathon, or something like that and not a day went by that my grandaunt didn't watch that soap opera.

The penultima (second to last) week that I was in England, my grandmother decided to pop up at my grandaunt's apartment to spend time with us. It was awkward, and the connection was strained. I don't remember much from her visit, maybe because it was not that enjoyable. I do remember however, that she got my sisters and I these little gold watches. I wore mine for a short while, until my skin became unhappy and itchy.

That's the only memory I have of my grandmother. The first AND last time meeting her. So, I don't have 'happy stories to tell about grandma' like many people who have lived during their grandparent's lifetime do.... oh well. I guess that's how life goes sometimes.

R.I.P. --- Bryan

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