November 12, 2010

"You're Beautiful"

-- Yes, yes.... another Celebrity Crushin' post. Today's crush is James Blunt. His eyes are so strikingly green and gorgeous and I love his songs. I'm usually not a fan of scruffy men, but... Yea, he's definitely "beautiful". ツ

--So, James Blunt has a new album. I want to get it, but I would like to hear some of the songs first. I remember going to his concert on October 10, 2006 at Radio City Music Hall with my roomie freshman year. I only knew one of his songs ("You're Beautiful") but fell in love with all of the others by the end of the concert. The concert featured songs from his debut album, Back to Bedlam. I think many of the songs on that album spoke a lot about his military service in Kosovo.

This is one of my favorite songs/videos from Back to Bedlam: "Goodbye My Lover"

-- He also released another album in 2007 entitled All the Lost Souls. This album was definitely more emotion-filled than the first, but I think he stayed true to his singing style from the first album, which I admire. He has released a third album on November 8th, and I'm so anxious to hear it. I hope it's just as good as the first two.

-- Here are pics from the concert in 2006:

-- We were sitting in the third mezzanine and were hoping to be those lucky people to win seats up close, but we were not that lucky. We were, however, REALLY excited to be at that concert (as you can probably see in the last photo).


  1. i feel so honored to get not just a shout-out, but a picture!!! still one of the best concerts i've been too, hands down. :D

  2. Hello..just saw your blog link...really cute guys look great in the pic!!

    Nice to meet you:)

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