November 7, 2010


So, I was watching Thursdays (11/4/10) episode of Grey's Anatomy. In an effort to teach the residents of the hospital trauma techniques to deal with tough situations that may arise in the hospital setting, one of the doctors/characters of Grey's anatomy had them rescue the "patients". The residents had to take care of them until a helicopter came to rush them to a nearby hospital. None of this was real, as they worked with dummies and this so-called helicopter didn't even exist. One resident got really frustrated at all of the 'fakeness' and the fact that it had started pouring rain and there was obviously no helicopter coming, and many of the 'patients' were 'dying'. She decided to take matters into her own hands and rush the only '2 patients' that were still 'alive' to the hospital. This is how the scene following her decision played out. I thought it was hilarious... which is why I'm being lame and blogging about it now...

Owen: "Kepner...."

Owen: "...This ambulance was involved in the accident and is no longer running!"

April: "ok. We'll put keys in the ignition and let's see"

**engine starts**
April: "Hahaaa.... Looks like I got AAA"

April: "Apparently, they could get here when the helicopter couldn't!"

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