November 20, 2010

On my bucket list....

  1. Travel- to Cape Town-South Africa, Australia, Greece , Russia, some countries in South America and maybe Thailand.
  2. Go parasailing - Although I'm deathly afraid of drowning, I love that thrill I get when the rollercoaster drops, or when the car drives down a hill.
  3. Have a walk-in closet- I want to neatly organize my my clothing by item, such as all of my dresses, Skirts, tops, pants, coats, etc in their own sections.
  4. Have an amazingly gorgeous and beautifully decorated wedding- by David Tutera.... if I could win a free wedding by him, that's even better.
  5. Own/rent a summer house- somewhere close to water.
  6. Go horseback riding -- in an open field or on the beach.
  7. Be a contestant on The Amazing Race-- I hope I'm not on an episode where one of the team members has to have their hair shaved off, but I'll do any task just to get the experience of a lifetime. My friend Malinda would make an awesome teammate. We'll yell at each other until a task gets done and it'll push us more.
  8. Working happily at my dream job-- although, I am still unsure what that would be.
  9. Start playing the clarinet again-- I played when I was 13/14 yrs old. I stopped when I got to high school b/c I didn't know where to buy a reed (silly, I know). Anyhoo, I would love something to do with my spare time. It'll keep my brain and fingers up to par.
  10. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  11. Go roller-blading again. I need to buy a pair.

What's on your bucket list?


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