February 28, 2011

Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days

I had a great weekend. My friend from home came to visit me here in CT. 'Twas fun just getting away from the normal weekend routine, which honestly doesn't consist of much activity. Seeing a familiar face was just good.

I picked her up in Hartford on Friday afternoon in monsoon-like rain. We drove back, unwound a bit with lunch, followed by a trip to the mall. We crashed pretty early that night (If you consider 11:30/midnight 'early').

Saturday was spent just enjoying the day. Our plans to go to brunch were curtailed when we found ourselves being ultimate time-wasters. We didn't leave for "brunch" until after 2pm! However, we were lucky to find 2-hour parking in downtown New Haven, in front of some of the Yale dorms. We walked through a random park in the middle of the city. Took a few pics, met an Ecuadorian guy who went to Uni in Philly, and finally made it to the coffee shop.

We sipped on hot chocolate and vanilla chai for an hour or so, enjoying the atmosphere of the cute little coffee shop. Dear friend then decided to distract a random guy from his studies to take pics of us. He turned out to be a really nice med-school student who attended UPenn's medical school and was now in CT completing his residency (We met TWO guys who studied in our hometown... strange). As I continued to mind my business, Dearest friend decided to talk to this guy about everything under the sun including his time at med school, her dream of wanting to go to med school turned to nursing, traveling, going out, networking, science in general, and then on to his personal life and if he plans on marrying his current girlfriend 3 years his senior. I thought it was kind of funny...But as I said, I minded my business and enjoyed my hot chocolate and free wi-fi. ツ

We quickly ran back to the car in hopes of not finding a parking ticket attached to the windshield wipers... We were ticket free! The rest of the day consisted of random travels, dinner at a commercial steak house, and ending the night with stereotypical girlish banter. (seriously).

Sunday we attended church, caught up on homework, and ate a home-cooked dinner while watching a movie... an overall relaxing end to this weekend. ツ

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