February 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

This week, I'm in love with young, married, Christian bloggers. They sometimes give readers a glimpse of their lives and marriage bliss through their blog posts and I cannot help but to anticipate feeling that same bliss.

The first is Sydney's blog, The Daybook. She often blogs about her time spent with "Husband" or the cute, quirky things he does on a daily basis. Her love for her husband drips off of every word used to write about him. This is by far my favorite post!

I also like Katie's blog, life observed by {kate}. They are newlyweds, but I remember when I started reading her blog (last summer, I believe), and I was just amazed at how grateful she was that God has placed this man into her life. Sounds kind of familiar.

The last blog, Honey and Salt, was found randomly (like many other blogs that I follow). I think it was that little write-up below her 'about me' blurb that pulled me in.

There's one final Final blog that I'm loving this week. I JUST found this last blog today (2-6-2011). Yea, I sometimes write my blog posts way ahead of time b/c blogger has this handy scheduler thing under the post options. Anyhoo... The Blissfully Blessed Wife's blog was featured on DSW 's facebook page this morning. The name of her blog was enough to get me wanting to visit her page. I like what I have seen so far. I definitely hit the "follow" button within the first 5 minutes of perusing through her blog and reading the about me section.

Check them out.

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