February 14, 2011

New Look

I've made some changes to my blog:
  • The banner
  • The color scheme
  • The layout.

When I started my blog a year ago, I had a pre-made template from some fancy blog designer.

As I got more familiar with blogger and more interested in reading blogs, I saw a variety in blog banners and wanted to know how I could create my own. I found an easy-to-follow tutorial through a Google search and worked on it during Winter break. I was really happy with the resulting banner, but as time went on, I hated the color scheme. Black is NOT my color, neither is pink. They're great wardrobe colors, but I think they were too dark for a blog. I also hated how my text stretched on for days because there was no defined border.

I decided to play around with the different templates Blogger provided and found one that suited me. I can now say that I am quite happy with the new look. It's brighter. It's fresher. I love it!

Thoughts on the new look?

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