February 3, 2011

Question 3

Why worry?

If anyone knows me and knows me well, they know that I am a 100% certified worry-wart.

I worry about my hair... my face... the way I talk... what I'm wearing... the way I look at any given time... What people think of me... What they might say... How I might get to a specific location... How I might do a certain task... Where I might end up in the future.

As the author of this 20 Questions article stated: "Worry(ing) is just painful, useless fear about hypothetical events". As I review those worries that often haunt me, I see that this is true. My worries mainly consists of things regarding my physical appearance. Maybe because I've had so many hurtful things said to me about my appearance throughout the years. Honestly, events like those I have experienced can really scar a person's life, as they have done to me. But you live and you learn to get over them.

It's funny that as I am writing this blog post, I got a text from a friend that says:

"She's beautiful without knowing it.
She's smart without gloating it.
She's funny without over doing it.
She's strong without forcing it/
She's amazing without seeing it.
She's the perfect friend and the perfect person but doesn't believe it.
Out of all the women in the world, she's the one I'm glad to know.
She's YOU."

... 'Nough said. I'm done with this post. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. I am just fine the way I am... made in God's image. Lesson learned. I actually think that was the point of this question.


What reason do you have to not worry?

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