October 7, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge-- Day 7

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

-- Small (0nly people that I'm close to will be invited. I don't want any spectators.) Intimate. Cool weather. Lots of music and laughs.

Design Concept: Victorian
--- I would like to have lace, flowers, tea time, tussie mussies, pomanders, gardens, and spring time everywhere. *sigh*

Groom: *Man of my dreams/love of my life/God sent*

Neutral-ish color. Either a pale yellow, peach or sage-like green.

Bridesmaids Polyvore

Ruffles and layers! Like, a soft, architectural dress... if that even exists. It kind of does in the pictures below (mainly the one on the right). I also want a really long cathedral veil.
Wedding Polyvore 1

I might even consider a lace dress with a vibrant purple or blue somewhere, but that seems rather boring.

wedding polyvore 2
Who's paying for all of this? I don't know. A girl can dream.

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