June 28, 2010

What Does Love Feel Like?...

What does love feel like? How should I react to love? How should I embrace love? How? I have a guy, who loves me SO much. To those who hear of his deeds and are familiar with love, his words and his actions SCREAMS “love”, but I’m deaf to it.

When I was younger, I yearned for someone to love me and to care for me in ways that did not involve material gifts or physical interactions. Now that I’ve gotten used to not receiving that feeling, here comes Prince Charming ;loving me and wanting to spend his life with me. But, how do I love him back? Most importantly, from my perspective, how do I accept his love?

Emotional abuse and scarring has only left me with the fairy tale definition of love. I’m still left in the child-like state of mind of the cliché definition of love. This has obviously blinded my eyes to his love. What’s more, is that his love should be a metaphor of HIS love, but I’m blinded to that as well. My spiritual eyes aren’t completely blinded, but I think I need to open them a little wider. This should improve my vision somewhat.

I still have a lot of learning and growing to do.

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